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Further development & support of WordPress and WooCommerce

We take your website to the next level by providing you with ongoing suggestions for development measures and the help required to implement them. How we help you depends on your situation and needs.

SEO, code, design

Why choose us?

For a new customer, we start with an audit report with the aim of highlighting problems and developing improvement proposals in areas like SEO, code, and design. After the review, the management and further development of your website can begin.

What does further development mean for an existing customer?

When you have become a customer and moved to us, you can continuously come up with suggestions for things you want to improve or fix in our ticket system. We will also keep an eye out for potential problems or opportunities for improvement and share them with you. Depending on how often you want to resolve matters, there are two alternatives: further development with a retainer or other development without a retainer.

Further development

Further development with a retainer

If you choose to work with a retainer, you will each month have a certain amount of time dedicated to resolving the issues you want. The issues are handled according to the desired priority and the time used is deducted from the retainer and the potential time that is leftover can be used later. Here it is perfect to use sprints.

Working with a retainer keeps planning and invoicing simple as there is always a budget to relate to.

Further development

Further development without a retainer

If you choose to skip a retainer, your issues will still be dealt with according to the desired priority, but if they come in more sporadically, it will be more difficult to relate to regular planning or budget.

To maintain regularity, it is possible to collect issues for a longer period and fix them at one and the same time, in these cases we recommend sprints.

How do we use the time?

Transparency is important. Here you can see how the time is distributed when we further develop your project. Of course, this differs from project to project but gives a good indication of how your funds are used.



Project management






How do we handle different issues?

Placeholder Time of day The issue is registered and assigned Action started Cost Time is measured
Normal issues
Within monthly budget
08:00 – 17:00 4 – 12 h 24 – 48 h Standard price Per started 15 min
Normal issues
Outside monthly budget
Anytime At the first available time At the first available time Standard price Per started 15 min
Urgent issues 08:00 – 17:00 Immediately Immediately + 75 % Per started 15 min
Urgent issues Outside office hours 1 – 2 h 2 – 4 h + 150 % Per started 15 min

Invoicing fee for postal invoice: £7.50. Invoice via e-mail is free of charge. If the issue seems to take less than 4 hours, the work is started without being estimated, unless estimation is requested in writing. Project management is added by 25%.

It sounds really good! How do we get started?

  1. Audit

    We offer a fixed cost, highly automated website audit service for £400. This includes code, UX and SEO components and is designed to allow us assess the overall health of your website.

  2. Reporting

    The output of the audit is a written report that breaks down our findings and any items we think should be discussed – further broken down into critical, recommended and ‘nice to have’. It is normal for us to have a call to talk through the audit and discuss the detailed work items.

  3. Undertaking any critical issues

    There are almost always critical issues in the audit report. Sometimes these are general issues, sometimes they are specific to the Angry Creative way of working which is opinionated and calls for standardisation and modern web development practices such that maintenance and further development is cost effective for you.

  4. Migration & taking over maintenance

    Once critical issues are complete, we are ready to migrate your site either to our specialist hosting or a 3rd party of your choice such as WP Engine or VIP. We will also set up the environments you need and undertake any infrastructure level work we have agreed to, such as implementing Cloudflare. If you want us to take over the management of DNS and more, we will, of course, arrange it. This step is a fixed cost of £400.

  5. Further development

    Once the website is moved, we can begin to solve your problems and improve your site. Often you will have your own wishlist that can be combined with the list of non-critical actions generated by the audit.

    At this stage we are into an ongoing phase of work where the backlog can be continually prioritised and processed according to our straight-forward and transparent workflow and project management processes.


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