Further development projects for existing sites

Digital moves quickly. There are always new opportunities and new requirements popping up. Often those can be handled using support services but sometimes the amount of work required is better treated as a project. Undertaking new projects on top of existing sites requires a slightly different approach to new builds.

How does further development fit in?

After a takeover

Before we can undertake any project work on a site, we must be managing it. This ensures we can take full responsibility for the project outcome and success.

After a new build

We encourage clients to follow an agile mindset, keeping initial projects small and focused. That means that it’s very common for us to undertake follow-on projects once a site is launched.

What sort of projects do we deliver?

Plugin development illustration

Plugin development

Plugins are software modules for WordPress and can be used to extend or modify WordPress in any imaginable way. Whenever functionality or integrations need to be added or modified, a plugin is almost always involved. We develop plugins for Qala, bespoke plugins as part of client projects and increasingly, plugins that are the project and go on to be released to the WordPress ecosystem

Integrations illustration


A typical website roadmap sees the requirement for a number of key integrations. These often include analytics, marketing, CRM, ERP and payment providers. Often we get lucky and there’s a full-featured plugin ready to go off-the-shelf (such as our Pimcore plugin), other times integration can mean bespoke plugin development or even external application development which integrates via WordPress’ REST API.

Qala ecommerce illustrated

Qala functionality

Qala is our productised WordPress and WooCommerce platform. Whether your current site was built on Qala or not, the modular nature of WordPress means that we can add most Qala features onto existing sites. For example, we have an Elasticsearch integration for Qala which massively improves WordPress’ standard on-site search.

Time to take the next step towards a more effective website?

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