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Support for WordPress and WooCommerce

If you’ve got a live site or store, you need a professional and expert partner that you can rely on. Sometimes you might just need a question answered or a new team member to be trained up. Sometimes the support you need can be more comprehensive and require development of new features and functionality.

How does support fit in?

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After a takeover

In order to provide support for your WordPress or WooCommerce site, we first need to complete a takeover. Takeovers allow us to take full responsibility for your site and provide effective and professional support.

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Alongside management

Support is a complementary service to management. You can think of management as ‘keeping the lights on’ – mandatory hosting, updating and ensuring your site is online. Support allows us to deliver fixes, training and small features.

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What does support mean?

When you have become a customer and moved to us, you can continuously come up with suggestions for things you want to improve or fix in our ticket system. We will also keep an eye out for potential problems or opportunities for improvement and share them with you. Depending on what you prefer, we offer support with or without a retainer.

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Support with a retainer

If you choose to work with a retainer, you will have a certain amount of time each month dedicated to working on the issues you want.

The issues are handled according to a priority you set and the time used is deducted from the retainer. Retainer-bound support is perfect for sites that have a big roadmap and is best delivered through sprints.

Working with a retainer keeps planning and invoicing simple as there is always a budget to relate to.

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Ad hoc support

If you choose to skip a retainer, issues will still be dealt with according to the desired priority but the commercial process is more long-winded.

Support without a retainer usually means a slower response time and can make it harder for you to plan financially.

To maintain regularity, it is possible to collect issues for a longer period and fix them at one and the same time by agreeing a sprint.

How do we use the time?

Transparency is important. Here you can see how support time is used. This is illustrative and varies from client to client and month to month but this is what you should plan for.



Project management






How do we handle different issues?

Placeholder Time of day The issue is registered and assigned Action started Cost Time is measured
Normal issues
Within monthly budget
08:00 – 17:00 4 – 12 h 24 – 48 h Standard price Per started 15 min
Normal issues
Outside monthly budget
Anytime At the first available time At the first available time Standard price Per started 15 min
Urgent issues 08:00 – 17:00 Immediately Immediately + 75 % Per started 15 min
Urgent issues Outside office hours 1 – 2 h 2 – 4 h + 150 % Per started 15 min

Invoicing fee for postal invoice: £7.50. Invoice via e-mail is free of charge. If the issue seems to take less than 4 hours, the work is started without being estimated, unless estimation is requested in writing. Project management is added by 25%.

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