In order to fully takeover a site, we need to move it to Angry Creative hosting. That process – of moving the website and related services from one infrastructure to another is what we call ‘migration’.

How do migrations fit in?

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The final part of a takeover

Once standardisation is complete, we unlock the ability for migration to occur.

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Further development

Once we have completed a takeover, we are ready to undertake further development on your site!

Migration process

Migrations are very involved and important to get right! Every migration is individual but here’s a decent overview of the process so you can see what’s involved! Not all migrations need this degree of detail.

  1. Preparation

    • Conduct an audit
    • Complete standardisation
    • Arrange access to critical systems
    • Create a test plan
    • Create/review documentation around technical architecture and devops
    • Create a comms plan for internal and external users
  2. Trial migration

    • Run a trial migration
    • Run test plan and review issues
    • Review production migration plan
  3. Production migration

    • Content freeze
    • Execute comms plan
    • Run migration
    • Test using spoofed DNS
    • Update DNS & implement SSL
    • Post-migration testing
    • Update documentation
Audit and migration illustration

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