Hasta Home

Crafting Trends, Perfecting Spaces

Since 1982, Hasta Home champions trendsetting innovation, notably with the Panel Hanger, while prioritizing craftsmanship through in-house manufacturing. Valuing its heritage and evolution from a small forge to a modern family business, Hasta aims to lead the home decor market, continually setting trends in curtains, sun protection, and accessories.


What we worked on


Backend development





Frontend developpment

Ongoing maintenance

Dedicated hosting

Revamping the online landscape

Hasta Home grappled with significant online challenges, primarily poor website performance impacting user experience. Slow page speed, issues with the product filtering system, and an inefficient page builder demanded a comprehensive solution. Integrating Qala filters became pivotal, aiming to overhaul back-end usability and enhance the front-end experience.

Additionally, a key hurdle was facilitating third-party vendor sales, necessitating a hybrid model combining direct sales with dropshipping. Crafting this solution required a delicate balance to ensure smooth operations for Hasta Home and their partnering vendors while maintaining platform efficiency and user experience.

Qala’s tailored integration for enhanced efficiency

Qala’s extensive features proved to be a perfect match for their needs. Qala’s capabilities eliminated the necessity for extra, specialized solutions, seamlessly aligning with what the client required. The implementation of Qala filters vastly improved the product filtering system, offering a smoother and more efficient browsing experience for users.

Additionally, Qala’s intuitive interface streamlined website management, replacing the previously inefficient page builder and easing the team’s workload. By leveraging Qala’s strengths, we not only addressed immediate concerns but also empowered Hasta Home with a more responsive, agile, and future-ready platform.

Elevating Hasta Home’s digital horizon

The solution implemented in this project marked a remarkable leap from Hasta Home’s previous setup. Qala’s integration emerged as a particularly adept choice, aligning seamlessly with the client’s needs. Its extensive features formed a sturdy backbone for Hasta Home’s online platform, providing a superior solution not just for the present but also for future scalability.

With Qala’s advanced functionalities in play, Hasta Home now boasts a more efficient, user-friendly, and adaptable system, ready to meet dynamic market demands and surpass evolving customer expectations with ease.

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