Wordpress-specialister sedan 2006

Angry Creative är en modern webbyrå i framkant.


Angry Creative is a modern web agency at the forefront.

As a digital agency, communication and empathy are our strongest tools. It is with the help of these that we create business benefits that make a difference for our customers. But as an agency with a technical edge and an understanding of complex processes, we are also very good at tools.

We are an established and mature agency with a team of around sixty, working as a hybrid team around the world but with offices in Sweden and the UK.

You can find us here:

Agency Norrköping


Drottninggatan 55, Norrköping

Norrköping is home to most of our senior WordPress developers and project management. Much of the technical work takes place here.

Agency Stockholm

Brighton, England

Preston Park House, Brighton

Our primary presence in the UK is in Brighton, on the south coast.

Why choose us?

We are a top tier specialist agency globally with WordPress and WooCommerce. Our reputation is built on reliable delivery and partnership, creative thinking, and deep expertise. Top brands across the world trust us to deliver and support business-critical sites for them.

Open source

Angry Creative ❤️ Sustainable Open-source

We consider open source code as an important part of our business concept and work actively to also contribute to various open source projects with our own software as well as with knowledge and commitment.

We believe that by asking difficult questions and challenging ideas, we create added value that gives effect to our customers. With open-source, we can create these values efficiently and portably. If we at the same time can create value for other people and give them a platform to grow with, we will change our world, one line of code at a time.

How is an angry creator?


Agile & responsive

We believe that you get the most out of a web project if you collaborate and have a tight communication about the project.



We want to deliver real value to our customers. Therefore, we say no, or instead, suggest a smarter solution than doing something bad.

Collaboration oriented

Collaboration oriented

It is difficult to change the world alone. That is why we believe in collaborating and giving back to the open-source community.

Angry Creative

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