WooCommerce vs Litium

Angry Creative are WooCommerce experts, and has since 2007 compiled the best solutions into a package named Qala. With Qala, you gain immediate access to a comprehensive amount of development and optimization for WooCommerce.

In this comparison article, we’ll explore the e-commerce platform, Litium, and Angry Creative’s Qala WooCommerce solution. We’ll discuss the advantages of each platform and what should be considered when choosing an e-commerce platform.

Qala WooCommerce vs Litium vs WooCommerce



Qala WooCommerce


Litium: Litium is a cloud-based platform that offers advanced solutions for product display and pricing. Utilizing the full power of Litium requires experience and technical knowledge.

WooCommerce: Technical knowledge is necessary to customize and fully utilize the platform, but with the right partner, there are no limits to what can be achieved.

Qala WooCommerce: You get an efficient solution with ready-made modules. It’s easy for users to add and customize content according to their own preferences, making it an effective and user-friendly option.

Editorial content

Litium: Litium offers built-in CMS features optimized for e-commerce. While there is some flexibility in creating and managing content, it does not match the capabilities offered by WooCommerce and WordPress.

WooCommerce: Requires technical knowledge to customize and maximize the platform’s capabilities, but with the right partner, there are no limits to what can be achieved.

Qala WooCommerce: With Qala WooCommerce, you gain access to WordPress, which greatly facilitates the work when it comes to creating and structuring content on your page.


Litium: Charges a subscription fee which may initially be a good option. However, as your e-commerce grows, so does the fee, which can make it an expensive option in the long run.

WooCommerce: Getting started with WooCommerce is free, but effectively developing and customizing your site may require working with an experienced partner.

Qala WooCommerce: Qala initially has a higher startup cost, but transitions to a reasonable monthly cost. Qala is a cost-effective option for those planning to develop and scale their e-commerce.

Customization & flexibility

Litium: Offers a stable foundation for e-commerce with some customization ability through a drag-and-drop system. Litium is not open-source, which can be a problem when you need tailored solutions.

WooCommerce: WooCommerce provides extensive customization possibilities with access to a wide range of plugins and themes, facilitating tailored solutions for those experienced in working in an open-source environment.

Qala WooCommerce: Qala WooCommerce provides ready-made modules for a quick start. At the same time, it offers great flexibility for customization according to personal preferences, thanks to the open-source code.

SEO & marketing

Litium: You get access to basic marketing tools. Companies needing more advanced solutions may be limited.

WooCommerce: WooCommerce gives you access to advanced marketing tools by adding extra plugins.

Qala WooCommerce: With Qala WooCommerce, you can adjust SEO settings exactly as you want.


Litium: Litium is designed to support tailored e-commerce solutions, especially for the B2B sector. Litium offers features that smoothly handle complex sales processes and customer relationships. This is crucial for businesses aiming for growth and scalability.

WooCommerce: You have customization possibilities for e-commerce according to your needs, but this can be challenging without prior experience.

Qala WooCommerce: Qala is optimized for high load, with unique features only available at Angry Creative. We continuously work to improve Qala’s performance, which our customers always benefit from.

International sales

Litium: Litium’s platform is designed to smoothly handle international expansion, with built-in features for multilingual and multicurrency support. This enables companies to effectively reach global markets without the need for extensive customizations.

WooCommerce: Offers global sales capabilities, but the process can be complicated and often requires the installation of many additional plugins.

Qala WooCommerce: You gain access to multisite features and geo-IP to effectively target an international audience, facilitating expansion for both B2B and B2C businesses.


Litium: Litium provides support regarding product functionality, architecture, and system settings, but not for customer-specific solutions.

WooCommerce: Does not offer direct support.

Qala WooCommerce: Qala WooCommerce offers continuous support and maintenance each month, which varies depending on the chosen package.

Short summary


Litium is a platform without open-source access, which can create challenges in terms of flexibility and tailored solutions. However, Litium has its advantages through its Product Information Management (PIM) system, which enables personalized pricing and customized campaigns based on previous purchases.

You also have access to a built-in CMS system, though it is not as effective as the features that come with WooCommerce and WordPress.


WooCommerce offers a cost-effective starting point. However, as the business grows and the need for more complex functionality increases, it may become necessary to seek external expertise.

Qala WooCommerce

Qala eliminates the process of costly learning curves and expansion challenges by offering a complete package of developed solutions, ready to be used for your e-commerce.

Qala WooCommerce is open source, which provides significant customization opportunities. You get access to a Product Information Management (PIM) system, similar to Litium. With Qala, you also get access to WordPress, an unbeatable CMS that facilitates all aspects of content management on your site.

Usability and content


Litium offers a solution that can be particularly beneficial for certain B2B companies requiring complex sales processes. The platform focuses on facilitating content management through a user-friendly CMS, although not to the same extent as WordPress.

You also get access to advanced features such as product configuration and customized pricing models. This allows companies to offer a personalized and tailored purchasing experience for their customers.

A significant disadvantage of Litium is that the platform is not open-source, which can create challenges for companies in need of more customized solutions.

Qala WooCommerce

Qala provides ready-made modules that not only allow you to get started quickly but also offer the opportunity to customize the site exactly as you wish. The open-source nature of WooCommerce is a major advantage when it comes to customization and tailored solutions.

With Qala WooCommerce, you also gain access to the Custom Post Types (CPT) feature. This crucial function significantly improves the creation and structuring of content on your site. These are the major advantages with Qala:

The use of Custom Post Types (CPT) gives you the ability to efficiently organize and present your content, whether it involves product catalogs, calendars, or specialized content.

You can create specific fields tailored to the unique needs of your content. You also have the opportunity to integrate and highlight additional details that are important for each post, such as review tables.

There is great flexibility in managing and presenting your content. You have the opportunity to create customized templates and archive pages for different post types, which gives you more control over how your content is displayed and organized on your website.

It gets easier for you to create and structure content on your site, even if multiple people are publishing content at different times.

B2B sales

Since long-term customer relationships are crucial for B2B companies, it’s important to have a platform that easily allows you to create and structure content on your website.

Even if you do not sell products directly from your website, it’s important to create relationship-building content such as helpful product information, self-service features, insights, and automations.

Although Litium offers advanced customization and integration for complex sales processes, you do not have the same flexibility when it comes to creating content.

With Qala WooCommerce’s open-source base and foundation in WordPress, you gain access to simple content management and customization on your site, resulting in an efficient, user-friendly, and tailored website.

International sales


Litium’s platform is designed to support businesses in their international expansion plans with features that support multilingual capabilities and multiple currency management. This enables companies to easily adapt and expand their operations globally.

However, since Litium mostly focuses on the Nordic market, companies aiming for a broader international presence may need to make additional customizations to fully meet the specific requirements and needs of various international markets.

This need for customization may result in extra work to create an e-commerce solution that’s optimized to serve a global customer base.

Qala WooCommerce

With Qala, the doors to global reach are opened through multisite capabilities, which allow engaging international visitors while geo-IP technology ensures that visitors are correctly directed.

Qala WooCommerce stands out from other platforms due to its flexibility and adaptability. Qala is developed to enable global expansion without the usual limitations of fixed fees and functionality.

The uniqueness of Qala in international sales includes support for multiple domains, languages, and currencies, facilitating the creation of a tailored website for each individual market. The ability to handle both B2C and B2B sales, with customized pricing and purchasing experiences for business customers, provides versatility that’s crucial for succeeding in international sales.

As an open-source platform, WooCommerce offers complete control over the website’s design and functionality, allowing for fine-tuning your site to meet international needs, from shipping and taxes to payment options.



Litium’s subscription model may seem like a good option from an initial cost perspective, as it does not require a large investment. This model can make it easier for companies to get started with their e-commerce solution without worrying about high startup costs.

However, for companies planning for long-term growth and development, it’s important to consider the total costs over time. The need for customized integrations to connect Litium with other business systems or to add specific features can lead to increased costs. These customizations may require additional development work, which not only raises direct costs but also maintenance and development costs in the long run.

Therefore, it is crucial for companies to carefully evaluate these potential long-term expenses compared to initial cost savings to ensure that their e-commerce platform is cost-effective in the long term.

Qala WooCommerce

Qala WooCommerce is a complete package for companies aiming for long-term growth. Initially, it’s a larger investment, but the operating costs are reasonable and become cost-effective as you expand your business.

This flexible pricing model provides predictable costs when scaling, which is a contrast to Litium, which becomes more expensive as your e-commerce grows.

With Qala WooCommerce, you’re not only getting a tailored e-commerce solution but also a partner that grows with you, where the cost structure is designed to support and facilitate expansion.

Add-ons and features


Although Litium offers a complex e-commerce system, a significant disadvantage is the lack of third-party integrations and an app market.

All their integrations are developed in-house together with their partners. Therefore, the range of features and add-ons can be limiting.

Qala WooCommerce

With Qala WooCommerce, you gain access to advanced sales tools and versatile add-ons. It becomes easy for your customers to search and find exactly what they are looking for, thanks to smart filtering options and search functionalities.

Qala also allows you to customize your site with tailored modules, based on your needs. You also get a variety of payment solutions that make the purchasing experience smooth.

SEO and marketing


While basic needs for digital presence are managed, companies requiring more advanced, tailored SEO customizations or more comprehensive marketing tools may find that Litium does not meet their needs.

Qala WooCommerce

Qala WooCommerce leverages the WordPress platform to provide access to a comprehensive array of SEO and marketing features.

This integration allows users to effectively improve their website’s ranking and optimize their marketing campaigns with a variety of tools tailored to different needs.



Litium provides support for partners and customers, including assistance with product functionality, architecture, and system settings. The support does not cover customer-specific solutions.

Users can participate in the Litium forum to ask questions or contact support via phone or email. User guides are also available for different versions of Litium.

Qala WooCommerce

We’re always on the search for potential issues and opportunities for optimization. We also perform ongoing maintenance of your website to ensure everything is functioning as it should. As a customer, you have the opportunity to continuously suggest improvements or corrections of your choice.

Innovation is at our core; as a customer at Angry Creative, you become part of this constant development process, where new and improved features are regularly introduced.

Scalability and performance


Litium’s solution is tailored to meet the needs of companies requiring rapid adaptation to changing market conditions and customer expectations. They offer a framework for campaigns and globalization, which allows you to manage sales and marketing across multiple markets.

Litium’s built-in performance enables quick scaling and handling of large volumes of traffic.

Qala WooCommerce

Qala WooCommerce equips your website with features to support growth and efficiency, including a multisite architecture. With the introduction of WooCommerce 8.2 in 2023, High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS) is now included, which improves the database structure to better handle large volumes of customer orders without affecting performance.

This is particularly valuable for companies aiming to grow through expanded product ranges, new markets, or more advanced customer experiences. Qala’s scalability is crucial for this type of expansion.

For more information about Qala and how Angry Creative can help your business, book a meeting with our expert, Amy Slade!


What are the most important factors to consider when choosing between WooCommerce and Litium?

It’s important to estimate technical competence, business needs, and whether you’re targeting B2B or B2C.

How do I choose the best e-commerce platform for my business?

Evaluate your budget, customization needs, company size, and type of products. Also consider the platform’s future scalability and which solution will be the most cost-effective as your business grows.

What is the biggest difference between WooCommerce and Litium?

WooCommerce is an open-source platform and offers great flexibility, both for B2C and B2B, together with WordPress. Litium provides certain advanced solutions for product display and pricing but does not offer the same ease of use and flexibility as WooCommerce.