Whenever we takeover a WordPress site that we haven’t built, we need to standardise it to comply with Angry Creative technical standards. This has several practical benefits for you.

How does standardisation fit in?

Site audit

After an audit

Audits generate a report that includes a list of action items, some of which are mandatory if the takeover is to proceed.


Before a migration

We only migrate sites that have been standardised so it’s necessary for us to complete this work first.

Benefits of standardisation

  1. Leverage our experience

    We’ve built hundreds of sites. We know which plugins work and which don’t. Trust us, trial and error is and expensive alternative for you!

  2. Maximise value to you

    By standardising on preferred solutions, we introduce economies of scale across the estate of sites we maintain in terms of maintenance. It also means that when you want us to add new features, we’ve maximised our joint chances of being able to do so more cost-effectively.

  3. Allows development efficiency

    Using standardised processes and tools means that any developer can onboard and start working any site – maximising flexibility and turnaround time for you.

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What does standardisation involve?

Audits dictate the work to be completed during standardisation but the list of mandatory action items typically includes:

  1. Get your site working on our hosting
  2. Remove or replace any block-listed plugins
  3. Add and configure mandatory plugins
  4. Add and/or configure development tools
  5. ‘Unhack’ and modified modules to allow a clear update path
  6. For complex sites, we will usually want to run the first maintenance cycle
  7. Reconcile any changes to the live website that happen whilst standardisation is in progress

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