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Management for WordPress and WooCommerce sites

This is a mandatory ongoing service for any sites we work on. We provide complete management, maintenance & hosting for WordPress & WooCommerce sites. We take over full responsibility from your current supplier(s), keep everything up to date and solve ongoing bugs and other problems that may arise—all for a fixed monthly budget.

What does management include?

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We take care of all the management of your website and systems like DNS* that are needed to ensure your site is online and working.

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We manage updates to all modules within your site and fix any issues that arise from maintenance under warranty.

* DNS management requires the use of Cloudflare

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Why choose this service?

We take total responsibility for our customers’ WordPress and WooCommerce sites, which means that we take care of updates and ensure that the site works as it should.

You as a customer can then focus on your business instead of worrying about website operations.

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What does it cost?

We tailor our service and development for your website based on the outcome of the audit. Typically an all-inclusive minimum monthly budget for managing a single, simple WordPress site is 4h + hosting costs which equate to £750.

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What about support?

Support is not included in our management service. We always recommend a support package to complement management and allow us to respond to non-management-related requests such as training, non-update-related fixes and incremental improvements to your site.

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Competent support

Our staff are senior WordPress and WooCommerce experts and can help you with almost anything.

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Security & stability

We take security seriously. We protect your site from unpleasant surprises and bad guys, update and manage the technology used.

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Cost management

You have a fixed monthly budget that we manage. This will avoid unpleasant surprises and cost spikes.

What is included in the maintenance?

20 h + / month

6 h / month

2 h / month

Updates of WordPress and plugins

We regularly work behind the scenes so that the software that builds your website will always be the latest versions and work as intended.

Automated function tests (device tests and user tests)

Adding and modifying features to an existing website can sometimes lead to unwanted consequences. With automatic tests, the software lets us know when something runs the risk of not working. This allows us to detect potential defects before they reach the public, and can fix them without affecting the user experience.

Visual comparison tests

We have a software that takes screenshots of what the website looks like today and compares it to what it looks like with the changes we are trying to apply. The software then calculates the difference between them, and things that could easily have been missed are caught early.

Versioning of code

Version management means that we can easily restore programmed functions to previous versions if the accident occurs, and changes made to these can be easily tracked.

This means the possibility of parallel development, for example correction of older versions at the same time as further development of new ones. This is especially useful when many people are working on the same thing.

Database backup

We perform continuous backup of the database in case something goes wrong.

Manual function tests in a sandbox environment

A sandbox is an environment that we build separately from your public web application. There we can test drive new functions and experiment to find new angles, without risking disruptions in your users’ experience.

JavaScript error logging

Some types of potential problems do not occur on your servers, but in the visitor’s browser. These are not normally available, but through our unique software we collect important information in order to improve and ensure the function of your website, regardless of which browser is used.

Uptime monitoring

Continuous checks of your web pages at regular intervals, from our monitoring unit. If your website appears to be threatened or even inaccessible, we will notify you immediately so that you can take action quickly.

Log monitoring

For an organization that has invested heavily in its website, it is important that it is tested and monitored closely. Our software imports as many events as possible from our customers’ servers continuously. We can then visualize these events in a variety of ways to create customized flows that show relevant information for exactly what we want to investigate.

Ongoing troubleshooting & security monitoring

We continuously correct potential problems that may arise and we address errors that arise. You can therefore count on a fixed monthly cost without surprises (does not apply to third-party solutions).

Continuous performance optimization

Shorter response times and higher availability increase user productivity. Better performance increases the likelihood that your visitors will do exactly what you want them to do.

Structured support with issue tracking

Issue tracking means that we can communicate via email in a structured way without things ending up between the chairs. With full traceability and automatic notifications to all parties involved, things are done in the right way, at the right time.

Maintaining third-party integrations (both the external system and the connection) is not included in the monthly budget without an agreed exception.

Time to take the next step towards a more effective website?

Contact us, and we can talk more about how we can take your business to the next level together.