Nordic Spectra

Exquisite elegance, timeless craft


Nordic Spectra is a known provider of fine jewelry, offering a wide array of exquisite pieces including rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, crafted by third-generation goldsmiths with over 100 years of combined expertise. Their collections features designs from well-known and carefully selected brands that share their passion for quality craftsmanship, high standards, and environmental consciousness.

What we worked on


Backend development





Frontend developpment

Ongoing maintenance

Dedicated hosting

React development

Interaction design

Navigating a competitive SEO-driven market

Nordic Spectra was navigating the complexities of a highly competitive SEO-driven market and was in search of a solution that was not only cost-effective but also offered extensive customization capabilities.

They needed a platform that could meet their specific requirements, providing the flexibility to fine-tune their online presence for optimal performance, all while keeping costs low. Their desire to find the right mix of cost savings and the ability to make effective changes was crucial in choosing a provider that could solve these problems.

Customized approach with Qala

Nordic Spectra’s journey towards digital optimization led to the collaboration with our team, where we tailored a solution leveraging the Qala framework. This choice was crucial, offering the right tools for Nordic Spectra to fine-tune their digital presence and enhance SEO performance. The adaptability of Qala ensured that Nordic Spectra could make necessary adjustments efficiently, ensuring their online platform remained competitive and responsive to market demands.

Achieving efficiency and satisfaction

The successful implementation of Qala resulted in a strong and efficient platform for Nordic Spectra, capable of managing an extensive inventory with ease and cost-effectiveness. This platform has significantly improved their operational efficiency, allowing for quick updates and management of thousands of products at an effective cost.

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