Design is a core part of the Angry Creative approach. This process is what allows us to take an idea or requirement and synthesise it into a good experience on your website or shop.

How does design fit in?

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Further development

Adding new features or functionality to an existing site often presents a design challenge! In this context, design helps us to align on the end experience and provide a solid brief for the development team to work off.

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New builds

New builds are an exciting process for everyone. In this context, design is often a more comprehensive process as we sometimes need to go all the way ‘back’ to branding to ensure we have a solid design foundation.

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Our design process

Make the right impression with a beautiful WordPress website that clearly communicates what you offer and how you can help your clients.

The design process begins with an understanding of the vision you have for your website. This vision encompasses what it should look like, how it should influence user behaviour, and how it will convert visitors into real prospects.

Your new website needs to look great, so it must meet your corporate branding guidelines and reflect your company’s core values. Above all though, it’s essential that it satisfies the expectations of your target market.

As well as the look and feel, you will have some fundamental objectives for the website. Whether these are about driving traffic, converting enquiries or making sales, we hold firm to your goals and use them to drive the web design process.

Because it’s not just what your website looks like. The entire user experience and customer journey dictate how successfully your website converts prospects into customers. We use your own insights and customer data to inform the creative process. And we help you to show that you can solve your clients’ business issues.

The overall structure and layout of a site are vital to the user experience. You may already be settled on a menu structure, but if not, we can guide you in developing a logical, user-centric structure that ensures a smooth navigational experience. Your customers will see the most relevant information and easily be able to find key pages, which enhances how they engage with your brand.

We can create bespoke graphics that demonstrate your product, services or processes and can design icons to match the styling of the site.

Our web design services

  1. Branding

    Event existing brands sometimes need work to ensure they are optimised for digital use including the use of icons, graphics and typography.

  2. Wireframing

    Wireframes allow us to visualise together the page layouts, navigation and key experiences of a site.

  3. Style guide creation

    WordPress allows for very flexible content creation. Our style guide process ensures that your content team can use that flexibility without losing design cohesion.

  4. Overall site design

    At this step, we take your wireframes, branding and style guide and combine them to give you a ‘dress rehearsal’ for how the site will actually look and feel.

  5. User experience

    Throughout the design process, our design team is thinking about how the end product will help your team and visitors complete their goals.

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Time to take the next step towards a more effective website?

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