Developing future-proof e-commerce for a sustainable furnishing company


Since 2004, RP has been at the forefront of reducing waste through innovative redesign, upcycling, and efficient redistribution of office furniture. Rp is committed to offering sustainability, innovation, responsibility, efficiency, and customer-centricity, striving to transform office spaces into environmentally conscious and creatively redesigned environments. Their mission and vision align in crafting eco-friendly office spaces that foster a culture of sustainability and corporate responsibility.


What we worked on

Web design

Frontend development

Backend development





Ongoing maintenance

Dedicated hosting

Sustainability in office furnishings redesign and management

Rp is a leader in sustainable office solutions since 2004 specialising in revitalized office furnishings and integrated eco-friendly decor. They cater to companies in transition, providing solutions for excess furnishings during relocations or restructuring. Through their commitment to reusing and redistributing furniture, they supply sustainable furnishings for new offices.

Challenges to overcome

The website initially presented distinctive challenges around unique inventory matching. Issues arose in maintaining the association between product and inventory across the platform which led to inconsistencies with the product tracking on the website.

Additionally, there were issues with tracking across different locations which hindered the ability to provide accurate real-time tracking information for the sellers.

Qala as a solution

Qala provided a great solution to the challenges mentioned above. The client wanted to embark on a journey from analogue to digital operations to focus on bolstering their e-commerce capabilities.

The implementation of Qala filters emerged as a pivotal solution, revolutionizing their website’s functionality, and allowing users to seamlessly navigate and filter products and content. Qala also provided solutions to the challenges of inconsistent website functionality and filtering issues. This shift aligns with their vision of establishing a comprehensive product catalogue within an optimized e-commerce platform, poised to elevate customer experiences and drive increased online sales.

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