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For existing WordPress sites. If you are looking for further development of an existing site or just a reliable partner to look after your site this is the service for you. Angry Creative only works with sites that we manage. In order to manage a site we haven’t built, we go through this Takeover process.

How do takeovers fit in?

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Before further development

For people who have an existing website and need to complete further development work beyond the small tweaks and changes that can be covered by support.

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Before management services

Angry Creative offers mandatory hosting, management and support services for WordPress-based sites we work on. Takeovers allow us to deliver ongoing services.

How Takeovers work

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Site audit

Before we take over your website, we must review your website’s design, code, and SEO. This is important because in order to take responsibility for working on a site, we first need to understand it.

The output of the audit is a report that presents our findings. The report includes a list of action items, some of which must be completed in order to bring your site into alignment with Angry Creative standards and allow us to continue the takeover process.

Standardisation illustration


Angry Creative believes in standardisation. In order to takeover a site, we must ensure it complies with Angry Creative standards. These standards allow us to maintain your site effectively, ensure your site is running quality code and that our whole development team can efficiently onboard your site and start work quickly.



Once all mandatory action items from the audit are resolved, we’re ready to migrate the site from your existing hosting solution and start delivering ongoing services. Migrations require careful coordination, especially when it’s an ecommerce store or LMS in order to maintain availability for your visitors.

Completed takeover

Takeover is complete!

Once the site is migrated, we are now hosting and managing your site. This allows us to deliver support and further development services to meet your business needs, safe in the knowledge that we have accepted full responsibility for the site.

Time to take the next step towards a more effective website?

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