Sentric Safety Group

Safeguarding Industries, Securing Futures


Sentric Safety Group, a conglomerate of leading safety solution brands, prioritizes unwavering safety standards across energy, railway, and industrial sectors. With a commitment to innovation and reliability, their vision drives global leadership in industrial safety solutions. Their mission ensures comprehensive, advanced safety measures safeguarding people, productivity, and industry reputation.

What we worked on


Backend development




Frontend developpment

Ongoing maintenance

Dedicated hosting




Navigating brand consolidation and enhanced user experience

Sentric Safety Group grappled with the challenge of consolidating diverse brand sites while combating duplicate content issues. The focus was on preserving individual brand identities while bolstering the overarching group presence. Their main struggle lay in refining brand positioning and website functionality. To address this, the implementation of Qala elastic filters and search capabilities streamlined navigation and product discovery, enhancing the user experience for customers and the sales team alike.

Empowering engagement through innovative platform enhancements

Sentric Safety Group’s project showcased innovative solutions that significantly elevated their online platform. The implementation of a WooCommerce catalogue empowered users to effortlessly access, download, and share product datasheets. Notably, the use of WPForms helped transform forms into accessible webpages and ensured seamless client access to crucial schematics.

Moreover, the dynamic self-service product configurator revolutionized user interaction, allowing unparalleled product customization directly on the site which enhanced engagement and customization.

Triumphs in transformation

The project yielded immediate successes, with three notable improvements. Firstly, the performance soared significantly, marking a substantial improvement right from the project’s inception.

Secondly, the adoption of a multisite structure consolidated diverse brands under one roof, eliminating the need for multiple sites and driving cost savings.

Lastly, content control was streamlined, ensuring a more cohesive and synchronized approach across the entire platform, allowing for easier management and maintenance.

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Qala to bring a transformative shift

Sentric Safety Group’s expectations were not only met but exceeded by the solutions presented. The seamless integration of Qala brought about a transformative shift, offering heightened control and user-friendliness, surpassing the constraints of their previous system. The new system’s capabilities far outstripped the old, significantly enhancing site functionality and management control, marking a substantial leap forward for Sentric Safety Group.