Westers - Sustainable catering and unique event venues in the heart of Stockholm.


Westers, a leader in catering and events in Stockholm, underwent a complete digital update with the help of Angry Creative. With a new Qala-based web solution, the management and flexibility of their site were significantly enhanced. This case highlights how the new solution simplified system updates while increasing the platform's flexibility, better preparing Westers for future needs and expansion plans.


What we worked on

Backend development




Ongoing maintenance


Frontend developpment

Dedicated hosting

Future vision and scaling

Westers has a clear vision to deliver superior service and exceptional experiences through its catering and event services. They aim to scale up their operations by continuing to provide unforgettable events with the help of their dedicated team.

To achieve their future goals, it became clear that their previous website did not meet the essential requirements needed for scaling.

Updated digital presence for Westers

Westers recognized the need to update their digital presence to support their vision and expansion plan. The existing system was no longer sufficiently effective, which resulted in high maintenance costs and a lack of customization. They also wanted to enhance the user experience (UX) and update the graphic profile to better reflect the brand.

The key areas for improvement were the website’s usability and its capacity to handle the company’s growing needs. They sought a solution that not only improved the current infrastructure but also facilitated future integrations and functionalities, including the possibility for e-commerce.

Implementation of a flexible platform

We introduced Qala, a dynamic and scalable platform that enabled a total restructuring of their digital presence. With a block-based architecture, we were able to reduce technical complications and simplify updates on the site. Qala has not only improved the daily management of the site but also provided Westers with a cost-effective solution for future growth and expansion, in line with their long-term digital strategy.

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