A fast growing international business with focus on security

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AddSecure is a multinational company based in Sweden, a leading European provider of secure IoT connectivity solutions with a focus on secure critical communications and secure data. At AddSecure, they see it as their mission to help make the world safer and smarter. By securing IoT connectivity solutions, they help their customers save lives, protect property, secure vital societal functions, and drive business.

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AddSecure Mobile Mockup

A scalable solution to generate leads

AddSecure needed a scalable platform, where they were able to push content over both countries and internal brands without massive overhead. On top of that, they needed a strong collaboration between their lead generating tools and the ever growing amount of content produced and published across the platform. With multiple brands and multiple markets, this was no small undertaking.

AddSecure Desktop Mockup

An iterative solution to a constantly evolving problem

During the discovery process we discovered together with AddSecure that to be able to change and adapt quickly to the constantly changing needs of the company, flexibility would be key. Not only flexibility to work with publishing brilliant content, but also the ability to change core functionality for many different vendors and internal requirements all over the growing business. 

A strong and flexible platform enables growth

Over time the challenges facing AddSecures web presence have changed drastically, and the platform we built together has helped to acquire new companies at a high pace and give them a space within the AddSecure structure. 

With a multisite structure, AddSecure is now able to build homes for new brands or markets with high speed. This fuels the constant growth that the company is going through and allows new acquisitions to join the AddSecure brand at a high pace. With regional editors responsible for local content, campaign work and lead nurturing has never been easier.

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