WooCommerce: flexible e-commerce with WordPress

With WooCommerce, the modern e-merchant can harness the power of the WordPress platform to sell everything from subscription services to hair dryers.

WooCommerce benefits


Built for conversion

Stylish design sells more. WooCommerce buying processes are smooth, fast, and work on all platforms right from the start.

Business system

Business & accounting system

WooCommerce e-commerce platform is made to integrate with other systems. WooCommerce has ready-made modules for the most extensive business systems that allow you to get started quickly with the integration.

Product handling

Order & product handling

Manage products and orders directly in WooCommerce or download them from your PIM system and ship the product directly from the supplier. With the WooCommerce integration platform, you do not have to cut and paste between systems.

Payment & shipping

Payment & shipping

With over 120 different payment modules and over 40 shipping modules available, you have almost unlimited possibilities to adapt your flow precisely as you want.

SEO & marketing

SEO & marketing

The combination of WordPress and WooCommerce gives the search engine marketer enormous opportunities. With Google’s detailed statistics service Google Analytics, including e-commerce reporting, you can keep a close eye on your conversion.


Modular, adaptable & open to everyone

WooCommerce is easy to customize to your needs while there are many ready-made components. WooCommerce is also an open-source project, which means you avoid a vendor lock.

WooCommerce is an e-commerce system for both startups and enterprises



Smaller stores / Startups

When you start with WooCommerce, it’s easy to get started. At this stage, you usually have a market, a currency, and a stock.

At this stage, the focus is usually on bringing out changes as quickly as possible and is not in great need of good processes.

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Honest brew


Medium-sized stores / Sub-enterprise

When you are a medium-sized e-trader, the need to reach out to several markets with several currencies and several languages becomes all the more important.

At this stage, good processes and a responsible supplier are needed to avoid costly mistakes.

  • Business system (ERP) for WooCommerce
  • Marketing automation for WooCommerce
  • More languages and more markets in WooCommerce


Larger stores / Enterprise

As a large e-retailer, integrations with PIM, ERP, and other things are a matter of course, and the big concern now is usually scaling.

At this stage, a complete supplier is needed who can get your solution to scale to handle large amounts of traffic and orders.

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Why choose us?

We are a top tier specialist agency globally with WordPress and WooCommerce. Our reputation is built on reliable delivery and partnership, creative thinking, and deep expertise. Top brands across the world trust us to deliver and support business-critical sites for them.




Add which shipping companies you work with, sync orders from WooCommerce to nShift, and let customers choose where to pick up their shipment.



Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management

Sync orders, customers, price lists, and put your e-commerce on autopilot. Sage solves the business logic, and in WooCommerce, we focus on increasing your conversion.



With Recotrust, you can quickly fill up your e-commerce with lots of reviews. Good reviews then drive more sales.




High demands on security? Create the opportunity for users to log in and authenticate themselves with the help of BankID.




Register WooCommerce sales to Adrecord to measure the effectiveness of the affiliate network.


Inventory management


The Pimcore Platform™ combines data and experience management out-of-the-box. It is hyper-flexible and exactly adapts to your individual needs.

Integrations usually require you to do a project with us to adapt integrations. All solutions are provided as open-source, but updates and maintenance are only distributed to contract customers.

Three reasons why your WooCommerce project will be better if you do it with us:

WooCommerce Partner

WooCommerce Partner

We are one of the few Swedish highly accredited company partners in WooExperts, the official partner program for WooCommerce experts.

Modern development methods

Modern development methods

We work with agile development methods in cross-functional teams with modern IT processes.


Total responsibility with SLA

We take total responsibility, ensuring that your solution is up and running your business. We guarantee this with SLA and fines.

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We can offer you among the best payment solutions with the help of our partners



Klarna is today the most popular solution in Scandinavia for online payments but also works for those who scale their e-commerce all over the world. With Klarna, you get a checkout that demonstrably provides higher conversion in your e-commerce.

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DIBS provides a variety of payment solutions, and with its checkout is an alternative to Klarna. DIBS ‘extensive product range makes them a competent partner for international e-commerce and in special cases.

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Billmate is an intelligent and cost-effective solution for you who are starting up your business. With extremely competitive pricing, Billmate is a good alternative for you who want a checkout solution without lock-in periods.



Adyen provides a single payments platform globally to accept payments and grow revenue online, on mobile, and at the point of sale.

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Time to take the next step towards a more effective website?

Contact us, and we can talk more about how we can take your business to the next level together.