WordPress solutions

WordPress is infinitely flexible – because it’s open source this is no exaggeration. However, it is particularly well suited to certain use cases. Angry Creative have a particular focus on ecommerce and LMS solutions which are complex and business-critical. However, this also puts us in a great place to deliver CMS sites for organisations that value quality.

Typical solutions


E-commerce with WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a perfect complement to WordPress and offers excellent freedom to e-commerce owners to both grow and develop their webshops, with freedom in choosing a payment solution, delivery solution, and much more. Because WordPress and WooCommerce are organic and growing platforms, developments follow over time.

Marketing website

CMS & Marketing sites

WordPress started life as a blogging platform and remains exceptionally strong as a content marketing platform. It’s a great fit if you’re looking for a corporate site, product marketing site or you’re a publisher (or a thousand other content marketing use cases besides!)


Learning Management Systems (LMS)

In a world where businesses need to operate globally, at scale and remotely but still deliver value and maintain internal cohesion, LMS is a trending solution. It’s a very flexible concept and can be deployed for your internal team, to train existing customers or as a paid service in its own right.

Qala, our WordPress platform

Qala is our productised WordPress & WooCommerce platform. It offers everything you need for a fast and cost-effective project that also offers proven stability, quality and flexibility. This allows us to move quickly onto a stage of iterative agile delivery of enhancements.

Qala has particular strengths for ecommerce and LMS builds where its proven, modular approach adds a lot of value and mitigates a lot of risk.

How we work


The Angry customer experience

Our process is well proven after hundreds of web projects. We take your project from start to finish and then help you with the whole to lift your business.


Working with agile projects

We advocate an iterative work process, dividing the project into so-called “sprints”.


Workshops, why?

For the work of establishing what we are going to do for you as a customer, workshops can be used together with you, where we write user stories and get a whole of the project.

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