New build WordPress & WooCommerce projects

We offer project services to deliver new WordPress sites of any size, shape and complexity.

From £10,000

B2B Marketing Platform

For companies that want a robust starting point that they don’t have to redo every two years, we have a perfectly packaged solution with lots of possibilities for upgrading and further development.

From £15-50,000

E-commerce & Learning platforms

E-commerce, in combination with learning platforms, often requires customized design and functionality, while at the same time we can build on all the experiences we have had in the past.


Customized projects

Publicist platforms with a need for customized statistics, personalization, payment gateways, integrations for everything between heaven and earth… No matter what, we can build it.

Qala, our WordPress platform

Qala is our productized WordPress and WooCommerce platform. A project with Qala provides a stable and cost-effective foundation for a fixed price where we then help you build what is needed. Our maintenance team then makes sure that you can continuously take part in the improvements and innovation we create.

Qala has particular strengths in editorial, e-commerce and LMS solutions where its proven, modular approach adds great value and reduces risk.

Basic E-commerce or marketing platform

These projects are for those customers who want to own their own platform and their data and who in the future see the need to be able to customize the entire buying experience.

For these projects, we use our e-commerce and marketing product Qala, based on WordPress and Woocommerce.

This type of project is clear because for a fixed price you get a well-specified basic product that you own, while you can make the changes you need.

E-commerce and digital marketing with integrations and more complicated solutions

During the growth and development of a website, a greater need arises for automation, and possible integrations with different systems, and puts more significant pressure on daily operations. Details become more and more critical as the number of visitors increases.

The projects are a close collaboration between you and us, where we use agile project management to be able to make smart decisions about time consumption and prioritization during the project.

It is also customary to have a planned amount of time each month that we use to make continuous improvements within the framework of our further development after the project’s launch.

Application development for digital transformation and automation

People should not work with repetitive and administrative tasks, but should instead be allowed to use their humanity and creativity to create strong bonds with other people and do things that are difficult to automate. It can be difficult without tailor-made tools designed with good user experience.

It is only when these tailor-made tools are in place that the potential of the business can really come to fruition, and productivity often increases significantly.

In these projects, we work primarily with the Laravel framework. These are often integrated with WordPress and WooCommerce but work as completely standalone applications.

These projects are large and complicated by nature and have a number of complicated dependencies. Therefore, these collaborations are ongoing and focused on sprints and solving complicated business problems together.

It is customary to have a planned amount of time each month that we use to make continuous improvements within the framework of our further development after the project launch.

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