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Site audit

A site audit is the first step in working together when you have an existing site, whether you are looking for further development work or just management services.

How do audits fit in?

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The first step in a takeover

Takeovers allow us to take on a WordPress site that we haven’t built. Once a takeover is complete, we are free to work together on making improvements to your site!

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The next step is standardisation

The audit generates the list of work required to standardise your site prior to migration to Angry Creative hosting and management services.

A fast and affordable way to evaluate your website

For only £500, the audit report is a very effective way of initiating further development. After the audit is complete, we can start managing your site and then implement the suggested improvements.

What’s included in an audit?

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Design audit

We go through your website user experience through everything from flows, structure to color choices, and design. In this part of the review, you will receive concrete suggestions for measures that will improve the above-mentioned areas to increase your conversion rate.

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Code audit

In this part of the audit, we check the code quality and how the site feels technically. We check if there are critical things that need to be addressed, such as security risks or complex problems we see with the website. We also look at visual comparisons between current hosting and Synotio’s hosting to ensure that the website does not look different in the different operating environments.

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SEO audit

An SEO audit means that we review your content strategy, how your website ranks in the search engines and develops the opportunity to create a digital strategy in its entirety. We are also looking at how we can technically improve search engine optimization in the platform and with microformat/structured data, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), etc.

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What happens when the audit is completed?

Once an audit is complete, we’ll both have all the information we need to progress to standardisation and ultimately to complete a takeover of the site.

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What do we need in order to undertake an audit?

Must haves

  • Access to your web hosting control panel and administrator access to WP Admin. Failing that a complete, current backup of your current site.
  • Regular, ongoing backups must be in place
  • Signed Letter of Engagement or other contract

Nice to haves

  • A test plan that we can both use to ensure we fully understand the website’s functionality and user journeys
  • Access to your version control system (e.g. Github or Bitbucket)
  • Access to your site’s documentation – particularly a Technical Architecture diagram and any developer documentation
  • An SEO brief – an overview of what your site’s SEO history
  • A wishlist of known issues or priorities looking forwards


  • Is there any sensitive PII in the site?
  • Are there any production integrations active e.g. payments and CRM?

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