Bold Labels

Precision Printing, Distinctive Branding


Bold Labels, a premier label producer, specializes in crafting bespoke, top-tier labels on rolls for diverse sectors such as beverages, food, cosmetics, and industry. Their commitment lies in delivering superior quality, rapid production, and ensuring client contentment. Offering a seamless online ordering system, they aim to become a frontrunner, celebrated for quality and adaptability in label printing.

What we worked on



Ongoing maintenance

Dedicated hosting


Crafting a comprehensive e-commerce platform

Bold Label’s website required a new e-commerce platform from the ground up, aligning with the client’s vision for precision and functionality. The client’s emphasis on design detail meant that the website had to seamlessly integrate third-party APIs while reflecting their aesthetic and operational requirements. The aim was to develop a comprehensive solution, covering architecture, user interface, and integration capabilities to ensure a robust, user-friendly, and visually appealing e-commerce platform.

Tailoring the e-commerce experience

We successfully tackled the challenge of creating a comprehensive e-commerce platform that met the client’s precision and functionality requirements. The key feature of the project was the bespoke label configurator, a standout feature on the website. This tool empowered users to customize label size, material, colours, and shape, dynamically generating pricing through seamless integration with third-party APIs. This not only elevated the user experience but also streamlined the label ordering process, making it highly efficient and user-centric.

Mastering the customized experience

The solution delivered not only met but surpassed the client’s needs for handling intricate, customized procedures. The seamless integration of third-party APIs and the advanced label configurator were pivotal in setting this solution apart. These elements effectively managed complex customizations which are typically challenging on other platforms. The client expressed high satisfaction, particularly acknowledging the solution’s capability to handle sophisticated processes and deliver a highly tailored and efficient e-commerce platform.

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