Uniform marketing platform for business incubator

LEAD is a company incubator that helps entrepreneurs and innovators to develop their ideas into a successful business, by providing resources and services. LEAD wants to help entrepreneurs reach their full potential by assisting them with well thought out processes. LEAD needed a web solution that provided their editors the ability to publish and adapt information on their website, while at the same time keeping the information and material neat and uniform.


What we worked on


Information architecture

Technology & development


Uniform design and focus on the text makes the information accessible 

Together with the advertising agency Edit & Björnen, we built a website that enables easy editing of information for the editors. Since LEAD wants to reach and present the information to individuals and startups, they need to inform and attract these target audiences with their website. Allowing the editors to make adjustments to the text that is presented on the website, enables LEAD to keep the content updated and relevant for their future visitors. As it is a text and information based website, a great deal of focus was put on creating an attractive idiom and text-focused layouts. 

Let the editors put their time on content, not form 

By creating consistent templates for LEAD, we can ensure that the material presented and published on the website upholds a visual standard, without extra resources and work with the graphic production needed from LEAD’s side. LEAD needed their website as a marketing platform. Through these simple means of publication, we ensure that LEAD can put their time, effort, and resources into getting out the right communication.