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9 ways to make WordPress better with AI

An evolution of this presentation was also given at BrightonSEO’s Advanced Technical SEO summit – 31st July 2020 – here: https://advancedtechseo.heysummit.com/talks/using-off-the-shelf-ai-tools-to-augment-wordpress/

On 5th June 2020, David delivered this presentation at WordCamp Europe 2020 Online.

David has a passion for WordPress and also for technology and futurism. Over the last few years he’s been increasingly interested in AI and has started to research its impact on WordPress.

In this talk, he shares some cool things he’s found along the way, some of his thinking around AI and some ideas about what lies ahead for WordPress. He aims to help you to gain a more nuanced understanding of what AI technologies are, give you 9 examples of how they can be integrated into WordPress today and then put a little time into thinking about what opportunities and challenges lie ahead of us as a WordPress community.

The complete deck including comprehensive speaker notes is available below via Slideshare or as a PDF.

And here’s the video on YouTube:

YouTube video

David would be delighted to answer more questions either on this blog’s comments or on Twitter @divydovy or @pragmaticweb.

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mikemacmarketing/42271822770