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Klarna Checkout

Every customer has different payment preferences. Klarna offers numerous payment options, allowing customers to pay now, later, or in installments, all under one roof with their popular service, Klarna Checkout. Klarna manages the entire financing process, simplifying the merchant’s need to deal with only one contract, one settlement file, and one payout. Which makes it easy for both you and your customers.

Trusted brand

Klarna is Scandinavia’s most popular online payment solution, processing 800,000 transactions daily with 60 million customers across 100,000 merchants in 14 countries. Klarna has established itself as a trusted brand, minimizing friction for customers and maximizing conversion for merchants.

Klarna Checkout turns your visitors into regular customers


When your customer views a product, you can present the payment option they’re most likely to use to complete the purchase. The earlier your customers know about your store’s payment options, the more likely the visit will lead to a conversion. The likelihood that your customer has already used Klarna is high, and then the purchase can be completed with just one click. If the customer hasn’t used Klarna before, only a few simple details like email and zip code are needed to complete a purchase. With Klarna Checkout your visitors feel like regular customers from the first visit.

Solutions that suit your customers, no matter who they are

Whether your customer is a business or an individual, they can pay just as easily with Klarna Checkout. Your customers can easily choose between the most popular payment methods – invoice, installment, card payment, or payment via internet banking. More payment options increase purchasing power for your customers and higher conversion for you, while you as a seller get reduced administration since everything is done via Klarna.

Pay now

The customer pays directly with a bank account or card. Klarna recognizes the customer, and if they are already connected to Klarna, the payment is made with one click.

Pay later

As a seller, you always receive payment in advance, and the customer can pay at their convenience with an invoice. Klarna handles the settlement with the customer.

Split payment

You receive the full payment upfront, and the customer is offered clear and understandable financing plans that can be easily integrated into your existing purchase journey.

Klarna Checkout


With Klarna Checkout, you get a complete checkout solution with seamless identification, simple delivery options, and all of Klarna’s payment methods. Merchants always receive payment upfront, Klarna handles the entire financing process and settlement with the customer. The solution is compatible with all devices, and whether your customers are shopping from a computer, tablet, or mobile, the number of clicks will be minimized, and conversion maximized.

Klarna Checkout is smoooth.

  • 2,79% + 0.31 € per transaction

Klarna Payments

If you’re already satisfied with your existing checkout solution, you can still offer your customers Klarna’s payment options with Klarna Payments. Klarna Payments allows you to choose which of Klarna’s payment methods you want to integrate into your checkout.

Transaction pricing:

  • Pay now: 1,35% + 0,18 €
  • Pay later: 2,79% + 0,53 €
  • Split payment: 0,99% + 0,53 €

Native partner


We trust Klarna, and Klarna trusts us. That’s why, since the fall of 2017, we’ve been a native partner to Klarna, meaning our developers are trained by Klarna to tailor a solution that fits your specific needs.

In addition to this, we also have a close collaboration with Klarna’s development partner Krokedil. The development of an e-commerce store sometimes result in bugs and other issues in the connection between WooCommerce and Klarna. These issues can occur as a result of our customer’s unique requirements or due to plugins being updated without first being compatibility tested against Klarna. Thanks to our partnership with Klarna and our cooperation with Krokedil, we have the ability to quickly and easily overcome these obstacles.

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