Corporations with multiple brands

Efficient consolidation of digital solutions for corporations

For those of you who run a corporation with multiple brands, we know that managing different digital solutions and support costs can be challenging. We understand the difficulties you face when it comes to consolidating and maintaining your digital platforms.

From chaos to control: Streamline your various brands with our solution

For those of you who run a corporation with multiple brands, the solutions can easily become scattered and expensive to maintain. Managing various digital platforms and support costs becomes a challenge.

Qala – A website concept that can be centrally supported

By using our solution, each unique operation can maintain its own expression and features while there is a common thread through all solutions. With our solution, you avoid the need to hire multiple agencies for different solutions, allowing for centralized control.

Fast and smooth – create new sites without hassle

Our base project contains a wide selection of ready-made modules, ready to make your project a success. With ready-made modules, you can quickly get started with your site, and you also have the freedom to add your own customizations. It’s entirely up to you how you want to shape your website.

Do you need further customizations? We are here to help and ensure that it turns out exactly as you wish.

Maximize your website performance

With our Performance Guarantee, we can achieve a page speed of up to 90+. Increase your website speed and give your visitors a lightning-fast and smooth experience.

Cost efficiency

For every set of 10 multisite instances you add, only 2 hours of development per month are added. This leads to a predictable and cost-effective solution that frees you from concerns over inflated monthly costs when you want to launch more websites.

The right solution for you

We have helped Menigo consolidate their digital solutions and achieve superior results.

See their case study below to see how we helped them reach their goals.


The hourly rate is too high/higher than what we pay now

We are an experienced international agency. Our development team consists mainly of senior developers who can handle complex issues and quickly resolve problems thanks to their experience. The faster we can solve your problem, the less you pay, which is balanced out with a lower hourly rate but more junior staff who need more time. You only pay for the time we use. Moreover, we don’t charge for our customer service or quality assurance, which means we can be proactive and provide you with expert advice at no extra cost.

We don’t want to be locked in

The reason we love WordPress is because of its open-source community. With WordPress, unlike custom CMS, you’re never truly locked in because it’s open-source. You can leave Angry Creative at any time (notice periods and costs are specified in the contract) and take your website with you. What you no longer receive is access to our updates and new features.

We want to be 100% sure about what we’re getting and how much it will cost

Depending on your inquiry, we will either conduct a workshop or a survey to ascertain your needs and plan for delivery. Our estimates are based on experience, so they are not guesses, but experience also shows that one never knows what might come up. Our estimates account for this to some extent. The budget will be communicated to you at every step with various options presented.

How many rounds of design feedback will we receive?

As part of the fixed price for the Qala project, we plan for two rounds of feedback. Due to the kickoff meeting we will have with you before we start, and our experience, we rarely exceed this. If more is needed, we will estimate how much additional time is required so you have something to refer to.

We want access to our code

We keep your website safe and stable at all times. As part of our maintenance package, you pay a fixed fee every month for us to take full responsibility for this. If others have access to the code, we can’t determine where a fault may have originated nor guarantee that the issue will be resolved.

We can buy a theme/website cheaper elsewhere

You get what you pay for. With Qala, you receive several years of experience, best practices, user testing, and customized features that aren’t available elsewhere. You also get access to updates and new features as they are released.

Talk to us about which solution suits you

Talk to our solution expert, Amy Slade, to see how we can assist you.

How we work


The Angry customer experience

Our process is well proven after hundreds of web projects. We take your project from start to finish and then help you with the whole to lift your business.


Working with agile projects

We advocate an iterative work process, dividing the project into so-called “sprints”.


Workshops, why?

For the work of establishing what we are going to do for you as a customer, workshops can be used together with you, where we write user stories and get a whole of the project.

Time to take the next step towards a more effective website?

Contact us, and we can talk more about how we can take your business to the next level together.