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WordPress wins CMS of the year 2016

WordPress named CMS of the year 2016 in the Web technology of the year awards.

W3Tech’s award breaks down the growth, market share and user-base of almost every Content Management System (CMS) out there. Analysing a year long change in each software’s success and popularity. WordPress has snowballed this competition since rising victorious in a close win against Joomla in 2009, and the subsequent seven years only solidifying WordPress’s place as the unrivalled champion of the CMS world that we know today.

Since 2009, WordPress has been named CMS of the year in the Web Technology of the Year Award unfaltering.  From humble beginnings after the first award was announced in 2009, Matt Mullenweg, the founder of the open source software, said he dreamed the day when “every man, woman, and child will be able to have an effortless beautiful website powered by free software”. A dream that certainly seems to have been at least close to fully realised, if not inevitably so. Rising to be by far the most dominantly used CMS on the market (the closest competitors being Joomla and Drupal), WordPress currently holds almost 60% of the market, making it the proud creator of almost a third of every site on the internet. By comparison to its CMS peers, WordPress has yet to be rivalled in its decade long reign, with the closest competitor – Joomla – holding 10 times less of the market share, and none able to to match WordPress’s powerhouse growth. Boasting the most steady and consistent state of growth of any CMS, and is the only software in the top five of the most used able to maintain this.
With CMS itself still growing as rapidly in popularity, there is almost no doubt WordPress will continue to hold the mantle as the go-to ideal content management system for a long time to come. With users never ceasing to flock to WordPress for both creation and viewing, Matt’s dream certainly doesn’t look to get any better than this.

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