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Increase your conversion with geolocation

Use geolocation to optimize your conversion

The basis for geolocation

As an e-retailer, you strive to get closer to the customer with personal ads and targeted advertising. To collect as relevant information as possible for each visitor with the data collected.

It is very likely that people from different countries have different buying habits and different reasons why they buy a service or a product. Content that speaks to the local needs is necessary to optimize the conversion.


A big step in the right direction is to direct visitors to specific content based on their actual position with geolocation. However, it is something you have to do with caution. You do not want to redirect a visitor to the wrong part of the page, then they will more likely leave.

What is geolocation?

Geolocation is a collective name for a number of technologies that make it possible to:

  • Determine in which geographical area a visitor is located.
  • Customize the range of content by geographical area.

The technology is used not only to satisfy users with geographically adapted content but also for targeted advertising, production of analyzes, and statistics, as well as blocking access to specific websites and services.

How is geolocation used?

In its simplest form, the visitor can indicate which country or region they are in. It is a popular technology that many companies use. When you go to the main page of each website, you will be asked to choose which region or country’s content you want to be directed to.

This is what it looks like at strandbergguitars.com, which uses Angry Creative’s e-commerce solution Qala. The geolocation senses that we are within the EU and then suggests that we go to the European side with the Swedish currency set.

In more sophisticated versions, the location is based on information from the user’s IP address, possibly in combination with other information. If the visitor uses a mobile device, for example, a mobile phone, the location can be further specified by GPS technology (cell ID location). When connecting via WiFi, the user’s physical position can be determined to a location corresponding to the router’s signal range.


Some modern technologies are very reliable and have been found to provide accurate location information in just over 99.9% of cases.

In our e-commerce solution Qala, we use a unique and technically smart solution that can also be cached. Usually, there are several different parts that need to be put together in the right place for working geolocation solutions. If you try to do everything in WordPress, the possibility of caching disappears. At Qala, we can easily scale this functionality according to the customer’s needs.

The possibilities with geolocation?

Geolocation is used to direct visitors to content that is specified to a local audience and their needs. The most basic of these needs is to be able to share content in your own language. If you meet basic needs, it creates understanding and easier navigation opportunities for the visitor. You also give yourself as an e-retailer the opportunity to provide targeted messages.

As a company, you can use geolocation to adapt your products, services, and offers together with targeted marketing. For example with Google AdWords and social media.

The technology can also be used in the opposite direction, ie to prevent the distribution of content for certain geographical areas. However, it is more common to use the technology to limit offers such as free shipping to visitors who are in the same country as the company.

Geolocation creates a smoother experience for visitors and opens up new marketing opportunities for e-merchants. However, geolocation alone does not solve the whole problem. It is an important piece of the puzzle that is often used together with other types of methods for adapting content, such as demographic or psychographic data.

Together, these technologies offer a great opportunity to adapt offers and information to specific target groups and when used correctly, the distance between the e-retailer and the customer is further reduced.

Does your e-commerce need to advance? Qala could be the next step!

Our e-commerce solution with geolocation, Qala is created by renowned WordPress & WooCommerce experts. Qala has the most common features you need as an e-retailer along with a modern basic design. Book a demo today!

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