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Nets Easy

Convert more. It’s Easy

Experience seamless transactions and one single solution for all payment methods with Nets Easy. A good choice to better your customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

Nets Easy offers your customers the convenience of one-click payments via card or invoice, streamlining their shopping experience. Our solution enables the storage of card, invoice, and delivery details at checkout, ensuring these are pre-filled for future purchases across all online stores using Nets Easy. The checkout process is integrated within your site, keeping your customers in your store without redirection.

  • All-in-one: A single contract covers all payment methods, including card payments (Visa, Mastercard), payment processing, and invoicing.
  • Fraud prevention: Reduce the risk of E-theft with invoice payments, as Nets handle all credit risks.
  • Cash: Receive funds directly into your account with a standard payout time of 5 banking days.
  • Flexibility and choice: Your business and customers get the freedom to choose between card and invoice payments, without any urge towards a specific method at checkout.
  • B2C and B2B: Equally user-friendly for B2B and B2C transactions.

Lightning-fast payment for corporate customers


Whether your customers shop privately or through their company, there is always a person behind the purchase. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that it is quick and easy to pay regardless of who the customer is. Easy B2B allows your customers to save multiple delivery addresses, cards, and invoice information when paying. This means that future purchases can be completed even faster because the information is already pre-filled at checkout. With Nets responsible for the entire invoice credit risk, your focus remains on business growth. You customize your offerings to include consumer and corporate transactions, along with the choice of cards and/or invoices.

Nets Easy Highlights:

  • Cards including payment processing and invoice.
  • 30 days payment period for B2B customers.
  • Possibility to add multiple delivery addresses, cards, and invoice information.

Easy subscription payment

The rising trend of online subscriptions across various industries is undeniable. Nets Easy makes it easy for you to offer subscription-based products and services. Tailor your billing cycles, apply registration fees or additional costs as needed, and manage the initial charge timing, including free trial offers.
The Easy admin portal makes it simple to overview and manage your subscribers.

With Easy subscription payment, you can:

  • Choose freely how many days there should be between billing.
  • Add registration fee or extra cost if you wish.
  • Choose when the first charge is to be made and, e.g., offer a free trial.
  • View your subscribers in the Easy administration portal.
  • Mass manage your subscriptions and charge all subscribers at the same time.

Administration and registration

Easy to start:
Thanks to super easy registration with BankID, you can start online payments in your webshop within 24 hours. And with a single agreement for both card and invoice payment, you can directly let your customers choose how they want to pay.

Easy to follow up:
As soon as your first online payments arrive, you can follow the sales in real time in the admin portal. In addition, you get all payments collected in one report – and a single payment in your account.

Official partner

As an official partner of Nets, we help you to quickly get started with a checkout that makes it as easy for your corporate customers as for your private customers to shop in your store. Our partnership also means that our developers are trained by Nets to be able to adapt solutions to our customers’ often unique requirements and specifications.

Contact us today to get started with Nets Easy – the next big step towards revolutionary simple and fast E-commerce.

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