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Coinbase Commerce + Pragmatic = a new WooCommerce plugin

In January this year, I launched Dcent.tech as a sister brand to Pragmatic as a way of engaging with the emerging blockchain, distributed ledger and cryptocurrency space.

There were a couple of reasons: (1) I believe that these technologies are going to disrupt the web technologies of today and (2) it’s a fascinating and exciting suite of technologies and I was hooked on the possibilities they offer.

If you’d asked me then who my dream client would be to work with in this space, I’d have answered ‘Coinbase’ without much hesitation. For a lot of people, Coinbase is where they buy their first cryptocurrency and they’re an incredibly successful business in the space (reporting a pretty healthy $1bn profit in 2017).

In California earlier this year to attend Draper University’s very first Blockchain Intensive course. I was lucky enough to meet Amy Yin just as she was seeking a WordPress agency partner to build a WooCommerce add-on that integrates the Coinbase Commerce tools which allow merchants to accept payment for goods and services in common cryptocurrencies. Today I’m pleased to announce the release of that plugin on Github following the announcement from Coinbase.

It’s only on the Coinbase Github account so far, but we hope that before long it will be accepted to the WordPress plugin repo and (in due course) to the WooCommerce extensions directory.

The Coinbase Commerce team have been awesome to work with and we’re proud to have helped them achieve their mission:

The mission of Coinbase is to create an open financial system for the world.


It doesn’t sound too different from WordPress’ mission to ‘democratise publishing’ does it? Certainly I can re-imagine WordPress’ mission as:

The mission of WordPress is to create an open publishing system for the world.

And it’s that kind of synergy that assures me that by starting Dcent, we’ve taken a step in the right direction; that the WordPress community and the blockchain community are not two distinct populations but have significant overlap. To me, it’s telling that I went to California looking for potential clients for Dcent and ended up finding a client for Pragmatic in the blockchain space.

We’re incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with Coinbase Commerce and look forward to partnering into the future.

We’d love to work with more folks in the cryptocurrency/blockchain space, so if you need a digital partner that truly values trust, quality, expertise and professionalism, get in touch!