FMF – Fastighetsmäklarförbundet

Webmagazine and LMS for a estate branch organisation

Fastighetsmäklarförbundet FMF is a branch organization that works for the real estate agent’s interests and working conditions. With news articles and updates about the branch, FMF informs their members about what is going on in their industry. FMF needed help with building a website that would work as a web magazine and an LMS. A member forum where they could quickly publish branch updates and provide educational opportunities for their members.

What we worked on


Content strategy

Digital strategy


Technology & development


Marketing platform allows the information to be distributed efficiently

For FMF to be able to market the information and news that they produce, the website needed to be structured like a news publication website, with a constant flow of new articles placed on the homepage. Previously FMF had a printed member magazine, but transitioning to a digital concept, the spread of their articles increased significantly. Aside from the increased proliferation, the news publication forum also allowed FMF to have a continuous stream of articles and information relevant to their branch. 

LMS increases competence and awareness

Building an LMS on the website is a way for FMF to ensure competence for its members. It allows users to, by membership in the form of login, be able to take part in educational material and a vast amount of information. By utilizing an LMS, the company can effortlessly distribute relevant educations, which creates additional value for its members. Furthermore, the vast amount of information in general also makes visitors spend more time on the website. Something that improves ad revenue and works as a method ensuring that relevant information is delivered to FMF’s members. 

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