Advancing healthcare: A platform for professional development

Doktorsutbildningsportalen is a industry-leading platform dedicated to offering a wide range of medical courses and training for healthcare professionals. Specializing in various medical fields, they provide specialized courses and essential skills development, meeting the evolving requirements of healthcare professionals. With a focus on quality education and user-friendly access, Doktorsutbildningsportalen aims to enhance the professional growth of healthcare workers.


What we worked on


Backend development



Digital strategy


Dedicated hosting

Simplified access to education online

Doktorsutbildningsportalen aimed to centralize their extensive medical education offerings into a single, streamlined portal. The goal was to simplify access for healthcare professionals to a wide range of specialized courses, enhancing the learning experience by making it easier to find and engage with relevant content. This required an advanced platform that could handle the complexity of various medical fields while maintaining an intuitive user interface.

Innovating with a Custom LMS

Our solution was a custom-designed Learning Management System (LMS) that aligned specifically to the needs of medical education. It included comprehensive course management capabilities, advanced user registration and management systems, and dynamic progress tracking. The platform also featured a comprehensive content management system to organize and deliver in-depth educational resources effectively, along with interactive tools to create engagement and comprehensive reporting features to track user progress and outcomes.

Enhancing the user experience and accessibility

A standout feature of our LMS was the integration of a flexible registration and checkout process, allowing learners to easily enroll and pay for courses directly within the platform. This feature was designed to make it easy for users to access and engage with the courses they need, thereby significantly enhancing the overall user experience and accessibility of medical education through Doktorsutbildningsportalen.

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