Advancing Medical Precision with BladderScan®


Allytech's website, under the brand, showcases their expertise in delivering portable, user-centric ultrasound bladder volume meters such as the BladderScan®. Prioritizing reliability and user-friendliness, these devices ensure swift and precise bladder volume measurements, catering to diverse medical environments. Their commitment lies in pioneering innovative, dependable medical measurement solutions to elevate diagnostics and patient care.

What we worked on



Frontend development


Ongoing Maintenance


Dedicated hosting

Revamping for a comprehensive modernization

Allytec needed a significant update to modernize their website. The original move to Angry’s services occurred ten years prior, and with Allytec’s readiness for a renewed online presence, we embarked on rebuilding their website. The primary focus was a comprehensive refresh which addressed design, functionality, and potential content to align with modern website standards and user experience expectations.

Redefining reachability with multilingual accessibility

In addressing Allytec’s website overhaul, we developed a standout solution that emerged through the integration of our groundbreaking GPT-based translation functionality. This feature revolutionized their platform, enabling content to be effortlessly translated into multiple languages from a single source. This streamlined the maintenance of a multilingual website, significantly boosting accessibility for a wider audience. The innovation not only aligned with Allytec’s commitment to user-friendliness but also showcased our commitment to cutting-edge technology that amplifies client reach and engagement.

Qala solution’s tailored for success

Allytec’s expectations were not only met but exceeded through the implementation of our Qala solution. Its versatility and robustness perfectly aligned with Allytec’s needs, showcasing the platform’s adaptability and capacity to address their challenges. The Qala solution seamlessly tackled the website overhaul, proving its effectiveness in meeting the client’s requirements and solidifying our commitment to delivering tailored impactful solutions.

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