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Angry Creative acquires local agency

Enhancing our expertise

Angry Creative is proud to announce another exciting acquisition to our growing team – We welcome Mikael Samuelsson and Ann-Sofie Dreij. With their expertise and extensive experience in marketing, copywriting, and design, they will become a valuable asset to our team and our clients.

Extensive experience and competence

Mikael Samuelsson has a fascinating background that spans theatre, sales, and advanced studies in rhetoric, Swedish, and media technology. He began his career as a copywriter as early as 2006 and later started one of the first social media agencies, Social Media Support.

Mikael has extensive industry experience and has played a decisive role in several successful companies. His experience in creating engaging texts will now become an important addition to our subsidiary, the marketing agency Cyntora.

Ann-Sofie Dreij began her journey in the design world with a sports scholarship for basketball in the USA, where she also studied visual communication. Since returning to Sweden, she has had an impressive career in graphic design and worked as an Art Director at several prominent agencies. Now, she brings her expertise in design and illustration to become a valuable asset for Angry Creative.


Another exciting asset that comes with the acquisition is the e-commerce site Kunskapat.se, which sells unique educational posters. The e-commerce has been primarily driven by Ann-Sofie, who has been responsible for both product development and web design.

Our team is growing

We look forward to welcoming Mikael and Ann-Sofie to our office in Norrköping and strengthening our already large team of partners. Our goal is to jointly offer our clients the absolute best digital solutions.

Onwards on our shared journey

As we continue this journey together, we look forward to exploring new opportunities and pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve in the digital world.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, do not hesitate to reach out.

Jimmy Rosén (CEO)
E-post: [email protected]
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