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ACF Page Builder Field

ACF Page Builder Field



Creating a good interface that gives editors good opportunities to create nice and well-planned pages on the website is not easy. ACF Page Builder Field makes it easier by giving editors the freedom to create templates with SiteOrigin Page Builder, directly in Advanced Custom Fields popular interface.

By using the ACF Page Builder Field, you can find the right balance between the freedom of the editor while making life easier for the designer and saving time for the developer.

More information

For more information on the current version, statistics and changelogs, visit one of the repositories for the plugin.



All development takes place on the plugins Github. Pull requests are reviewed at regular intervals.



The plugin requires Advanced Custom Fields and SiteOrigin Page Builder to be installed.



This software is open source and is delivered as is. Support is only given to contract customers.

Advanced Custom Fields and SiteOrigin Page Builder

The plugin is based on using Advanced Custom Fields, ACF, and SiteOrigin Page Builder. With ACF you can easily customize your WordPress page, edit the content on the page and the plugin makes it possible to have several more advanced blocks of content on one and the same page.

Advanced Custom Fields is built for developers and requires knowledge in programming to work in the best way.

SiteOrigin Page Builder allows the editor to create content in a grid. This plugin acts as the joining piece of the puzzle between the two.

ACF Page Builder Field admin

ACF Page Builder Field provides:

  • Great freedom for editors
  • Opportunity to create stylish designs and unique page templates
  • Faster development