Conversion focused multisite for financial consultants

LMS, New builds

Meritmind is a consultancy for financial services. They offer specialists in qualified services within the economic sector, to relieve their customers and help them reach their full potential. Meritmind planned for an expansion, but to successfully realize this, they needed help with their website and advertising. They needed a platform that enabled them to expand into different markets in different languages, with various companies.

What we worked on

API development

Web design

Digital strategy

Front end development


Technology & development

Technology & development



Multisites enables companies to expand without extra work

We built a multisite for Meritmind that could give them the possibility to have multiple websites in different regions and languages, as well as having various market segments and brands. The multisite makes it easier to manage and update their websites, giving them administrative advantages, and lowering their operating costs. 

Focused ads are ads that reach the right person

In working with Meritminds conversion rate for their external online-marketing, we built a solution that helps them manage their ads. By being able to track, test, and control the spread and interactions with these ads, we could help Meritmind develop their material to get the best result possible. Something that Meritmind profits off when it comes to both increased profitability and a clearer focus on their content. 

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