iGaming Business North America

All fun and games in the making of iGaming Business North America

CMS, New builds

iGaming Business specialise in publishing and providing info to the iGaming sector. They do this through magazines, events, websites, and reports. iGaming Business North America are the ones who make the big decisions throughout North America to bring lotteries through to land-based operators to share their gaming interests online. As well as a magazine, iGaming Business North America also produce webinars, events, a newsletter, and research reports.


Game on

To undergo this project, iGaming Business North America needed a partner who were specialists in WordPress and who could work with them to develop a tech-stack that could be managed by their internal teams. This is when they came to yours truly. Like with every new website redesign and build, iGaming Business North America had a few ideas on what they wanted their new site to be able to do. One of their biggest requirements was to provide better experiences for their users.

Increasing simplicity and speed

We were able to speed up the loading time of the site and created a central hub so their three magazines could all be in one place. As you can imagine, having three magazines and all the content that comes with it can be a lot to manage. We wanted to simplify things for the folks at iGaming Business North America, so we created an easy workflow editor. This has made uploading and categorising content a lot more straightforward.

The Results

As this site needed to be ready to launch for a set-date event, our team was faced with a time-crunch challenge. But, as anticipated our developers were able to manage the quick turnaround and create a sleek, responsive site that was all ready to go for the event. The site went live and we’re really pleased with how it turned out. But, what makes us even more pleased is that iGaming Business North America loved it too.

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