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You have dedicated your working life to WordPress development. You earn your business. You serve the WordPress community. Now you can spend your free time on WordPress too with WordPress the Card Game!

Build your agency, hire developer talents, complete contracts and expand your empire. But most important of all: Contribute to the WordPress community and WIN!

The game is designed by Rustan Håkansson, the board game veteran who has designed Nations: The Dice Game, Dungeon Rush, Drupal: The Card Game and other popular games.


  • Rustan Håkansson
  • Jimmy Rosén
  • Samuel Sapire
  • Lina Nordqvist
  • Emma Ljungberg

More information

For more information on prices and variations of the game, visit the store page on Etsy below.

Buy one or more

Buy one for SEK 160 or two for SEK 210. Or why not top up your storage right away and buy more games at a discounted price.

Nordic version

There is a Nordic Edition 2018 available for us northerners. In this version, our Nordic agencies are represented.

For the community

All profits from the game are donated to The WordPress Foundation to create more value for the community.

Other information

This game and its use of the trademark “WordPress” have been approved by The WordPress Foundation. All profits from the game are donated to the WordPress Foundation to create more value for the community.

Want to make a special edition of WordPress the Card Game for your community? Contact us.

The game is distributed by Tea Time Productions.

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