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Introducing Synotio ProBackup

Synotio has always been about uptime, scalability and reliability. With uptime however, it’s not enough to just have redundancy (i.e. duplication of all components) but also plans for disaster recovery and adequate testing of those plans. On top of that, the new security situation in Europe demands better and more secure locations for backups and datacenters. You can read more about our thoughts on the war in Ukraine here and what consequences it had for our selection of locations.

Our solution

With our new product, now launching as Synotio ProBackup, you get all of this for just 150 GBP monthly per website:

  1. 180 days of restore points. This is 4 times the amount of storage included in our standard solution! With half a years worth of backups, even failures that go undetected for months can be restored. Still not enough? We have no problems extending the amount at very attractive pricing levels.
  2. Testing of every restore point. We have an entire rack in Malmö dedicated to disaster recovery and testing of backups. After each backup creation, we immediately run an automatic restore to Malmö on networks that are isolated from our production locations. When the restored servers have started up, automatic scripts are run to make sure that your site works properly. Any deviations are reported to our network operations center.
  3. Storage of the tested backups in two main locations and one auxiliary location: Malmö, Uddevalla and Norrköping.

If you have a PIM or ERP that can send backups off-site, we can create custom solutions where that system sends backups to us for storage together with your site. Why would you want that? Keep reading!

Resilience against nuclear weapons, and more!

Our location in Uddevalla is a 900m2 two-story mountain complex built during the second world war. Its purpose until the fall of the Soviet Union was to protect the civil defense leadership in the Uddevalla region from attacks against tactical nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, and conventional weapons. It can take direct hits from artillery projectiles and flight bombs with up to 100kg payload as well as blasts and radiation from nuclear weapons. This level of physical protection makes for excellent resilience as a datacenter and almost impossible to get with cloud providers out there.

Dont trust us? Come for a tour!

While we’re unable to offer proof against nuclear weapons in our contracts, we invite you to visit and make your own assessment (we’ve not tested – after all, a hosting company armed with nuclear weapons would be scary). Just keep your camera at home since pictures without explicit approval are strictly forbidden.

We are unable to disclose the exact location of the site due to its secrecy, and to be fair it doesn’t actually have an address. What we can show you here is one part of the entrance once you’re half way inside:

A comprehensive solution

With Synotio ProBackup, you are able to use our entire fleet of datacenters in order to gain maximum resilience for your site against outages, natural disasters and even war. We have even made sure to set up the Norrköping storage system in a mirrored shelf configuration where we can pull out an entire shelf of disks in case we need to transport a copy of all backups stored on that system to another location, with no effect on the running system.

Interested? Contact us today!