A network of websites to drive rapid expansion


Check out this case where we created a multisite for Stjärnkliniken to lay a solid foundation for their future expansion.

What we worked on




Front-end development


Business development

Back-end development

A website to quickly expand

Stjärnkliniken was in an aggressive growth phase and needed a solution where they could easily and quickly set up a new website for a local office and give that office the ability to manage the content themselves – or if the office preferred, it could be managed centrally.

With the help of Qala’s basic components combined with WordPress Multisite, the project was quickly delivered and created this effect for Stjärnkliniken.

Simple editorial workflow

With Stjärnklinikens many local editors, it was important that the solution was easy to edit. With the help of Qala’s block library and some custom blocks, it was easy to train new staff in the solution and quickly get started.

UX and Design

UX and design to follow Stjärnklinikens vision

We also worked closely with Stjärnkliniken to create a user experience and design that aligned with the vision, values, and needs of Stjärnklinikens website.

The result of this collaboration is a future-proof multisite network of local websites that ensures the capability for rapid expansion in the future.

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