Future-proof system and improved user experience for a Swedish Filtration company

CMS, New builds, Takeovers

With the vision "We simplify our customers' everyday lives through knowledge, quality, and efficient solutions", Filterteknik Sverige AB works to help customers find the right filter of the highest quality. They collaborate with several well-known and quality-conscious suppliers who, with their broad product programs and great technical expertise, have become market leaders. Filterteknik has over 30 years of experience in filters and filtration and emphasize great importance on competence development among staff as well as ensuring that it retains that competence over time. They came to us at Angry Creative to make sure that their web presence could meet the high standard of the business.

What we worked on



Back end development

Front end development



More efficient sales with a new B2B solution

With a new B2B solution, Filterteknik has got the tools to be able to take parts of the digital process into their own hands in a smooth way. With the new solution called LFS, a much better user interface has been introduced which allows users themselves to quickly jump into the tool without any direct introduction. Which streamlines the sales process for Filterteknik’s salespeople who can instead focus on sales instead of instructing users in a complicated tool. With this, the product sells itself more or less by itself.

A system with breadth and clarity for customers

The customer base consists, among other things, of a number of retailers, who in turn can have customers under them. Therefore, a well-thought-out structure is required.

LFS is integrated with the customer’s PIM system where all products are stored, as well as integration with the customer’s business system. This means that orders, products, machines, and lots of other data can be synchronized between the different systems and create added value. As a dealer, you can list your machine park, i.e. lookup and add machines, which can be anything from trucks, cars, tractors, cranes, or industrial parts. Customers see exactly which machines they have, and on each machine, they can see which filters are available. From this view, you can easily add filters to your shopping cart. All in order for the customer’s experience to be as smooth as possible and give them a complete system for their filters. We have also built in the possibility of buying filters in several stages from resellers to end customers.

LFS also has a multilingual solution, where the user can change languages ​​and where administrative staff can translate the content themselves without involving technical staff.

A future-proof project

LFS has a high technical height, with a headless backend, which via its API communicates with the frontend built in React. In this way, all logic and all functions are separated. If you want e.g. build a mobile app in the future, you already have all the business logic separated and can easily just build it as a front end.

Illustration of a full stack solution

A lift on several fronts

We made sure to improve the clarity of the website so that visitors can more easily be exposed to new offers, solutions and important information. We also cleaned up the menu system and made it easier to use to minimize the risk of confusing the user when opening several subcategories. We thus improved the website’s ability to communicate with the visitor in an uncomplicated way.

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