Empowering radiology learning online

LMS, WooCommerce

Erad specializes in offering interactive, high-quality radiology courses online for doctors and medical students. Their courses, taught by experienced specialist doctors, cover various radiology areas and are available on-demand. They focus on practical and theoretical knowledge, aiming to make participants proficient in handling real-life medical situations.

What we worked on


Backend development



Digital strategy


Dedicated hosting

Building eRAD’s digital foundation

Before our collaboration, Erad was navigating a crucial transition into the digital space, lacking an online platform to effectively offer and manage their specialized radiology courses. This digital absence not only constrained their educational outreach but also limited their operational efficiency in delivering top-notch content to a diverse audience of healthcare professionals and students, which was crucial for improving radiology practices and education.

Customized eLearning platform for eRAD

To help Erad, we devised a customized Learning Management System (LMS) utilizing the Qala framework, known for its economic viability and dependable functionality. This specialized platform was tailored to Erad’s unique requirements, enabling them to efficiently offer their radiology courses online and at the same time broadening their educational impact. The system also streamlined administrative tasks, making course management more efficient for Erad’s team and improving accessibility and learning experiences for users across the board.

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