Equestrian Stockholm

Exclusive and elegant riding equipment


Equestrian Stockholm is an exclusive equestrian brand that combines style, quality, and sustainability. Their range of riding equipment, saddle pads, and horse accessories reflects their commitment to high-quality craftsmanship and unique designs inspired by nature. With an ambition to become an industry leader in equestrian fashion, where e-commerce is their primary sales channel, the need for a stable and functional website that reflects their market position became clear.


What we worked on


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Frontend developpment

Ongoing maintenance

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Content strategy

Agile project management

Equestrian Stockholm’s challenges

Equestrian Stockholm encountered challenges as their website failed to meet both their own high standards and market expectations. Before their first launch, they had significant issues with website instability, often going down during high-traffic periods on major shopping weekends.

Their website also suffered from longer loading times, which impacted the user experience, particularly for international customers. Additionally, the website’s limited multilingual capabilities also made it challenging for international customers to navigate and complete purchases.

Another major issue was the integration of payment systems that could handle different currencies, which is critical for a company aiming to be a global competitor, no matter the industry.

In summary, Equestrian’s major problem was that their website lacked the performance and features needed to meet their needs as a global brand.

Tailored solution for an improved customer experience

In the project for Equestrian, we focused specifically on optimizing the website’s performance and functionality to ensure a good user experience.

Through a meticulous review, the website was customized to reduce loading times and improve overall performance. We also introduced multilingual support, enabling customers from different parts of the world to easily navigate the website in their own language.

Additionally, we implemented an advanced currency management system to facilitate transactions in various currencies, opening up smoother international trade and significantly improving the customer experience.

Optimized digital presence

We made a complete review and upgrade of the website, including improvements to payment processes, user interaction, and product visualization. The website’s design was updated to reflect the brand’s exclusive image with a clean and modern aesthetic. This included more effectively highlighting product images and relevant content.

We also improved user interaction by implementing more intuitive navigation flows and optimized purchase processes, making it easy for users to explore and buy products.

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