Powering Performance, Driving Excellence


Dusterhoff Racing, the pinnacle in HEMI performance, showcases expertise in crafting top-tier enhancements. Specializing in Dodge, Jeep, and other models, they offer high-quality power packages and remote tuning services, elevating vehicles to unparalleled performance. They aim to provide tailored HEMI solutions for passionate performance seekers, setting new standards in automotive excellence.


What we worked on


Backend development




Frontend developpment

Ongoing maintenance

Dedicated hosting


Interaction design

Enhancing the user experience

Dusterhoff Racing faced a critical need to optimize their website’s user experience after migrating from Shopify. Their quest for a tailored design system led to challenges in integrating complex backend coding and elastic filters.

With a dedicated focus on enhancing user experience (UX), the absence of an advanced filtering system emerged as a critical hurdle. The transition highlighted the necessity to efficiently guide customers in selecting the precise parts for their vehicle models, prompting the search for a solution that aligned with their commitment to delivering personalized suggestions.

The implementation of Qala elastic filters emerged as the answer to their quest, ensuring customers were accurately presented with compatible parts while rejuvenating the seamless and intuitive journey their clientele expected.

Overcoming challenges through custom Qala elastic filters

This project required meticulous development of the filter bar, a testament to weeks of dedicated effort focused on fulfilling Dusterhoff Racing’s distinct vision. The advanced adaptation of Qala elastic filters was a pivotal undertaking, tailored to match the intricate demands of their product line and customer-centric objectives. This customization not only elevated the website’s functionality but also served as a cornerstone in enhancing the overall user experience.

Revolutionizing the website experience

The implementation of Qala elastic filters emerged as a game-changer in meeting and surpassing client expectations. The advanced filtering system not only revitalized the website’s functionality but also elevated its aesthetic appeal, aligning perfectly with Dusterhoff Racing’s vision for a superior user experience. This transformation has allowed Dusterhoff Racing to be an industry leader, boasting a website that sets unparalleled standards in functionality and design.

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