Your worldwide travel companion

CMS, WooCommerce

Bravo offers private airport transfers directly from local taxi companies, avoiding middleman fees allowing them to keep their prices low. The goal was to create a (light) brand that felt like it was always part of the travel industry in order to gain consumer trust, but with a premium edge

What we worked on



Front end developing


System integration




‘Holiday colours’ in focus

During the branding, bright ‘holiday colours’ became the focal point to establish familiarity of the brand amongst its competitors but with the use of colour gradients, car-based shapes and dark themes allowed the experience to feel unique and premium.

User-friendly design

When designing the concepts we wanted to focus on making the core user interface as minimal and aesthetically pleasing as possible. Giving careful treatment to the information-dense checkout experience and search fields (quantity, date pickers). This was combined with the application of interaction design which automatically opened the following field when the previous was completed, subtly pushing users through the journey.

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