Baricol Bariatrics

Digital and holistic lifestyle concept for a healthy life after surgery


Baricol Bariatrics arose from doctors, dieticians and pharmaceutical specialists. With a focus on health and well-being after a gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgery, they have developed, not only vital supplements but a flexible website and app to support those who are recovering from their surgery.

What we worked on







Web design

More than vitamins and minerals

Baricol offers so much more than just a vitamin and mineral supplement. They work on many levels, across healthcare, with a goal of life-long commitment to a healthy and necessary lifestyle. With the goal of tailoring a product for those who have undergone weight-loss surgery, Baricol is able to provide support and advice, this through a functional website and mobile app. This is where we came in, together we redesigned their website with a focus on the customer journey, brand position and the streamlining of their CRM integrations.

Improving the user experience through design

With the help of user research, improved design and implementation of a whole new look that enhanced the user experience, we redesigned their product pages with a new subscription offer that modernized their CRM integrations to align with their brand strategy.

Qala Multimarket 

Qala multimarket is a much-appreciated plugin by our customers, one of them Baricol. Qala Multimarket gives them the opportunity to administer all their sites and capture the target audience where they are. It also facilitates payments and order processing, all for a more efficient solution. We look forward to continuing the collaboration with Baricol and following their development.

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