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Angry Creative acquires Awesem Ltd

We’re excited to announce that Awesem Ltd is now part of the Angry Creative family. As a leader in WordPress and WooCommerce development, we’re thrilled to provide their clients with an expanded suite of digital services. This integration means they will benefit from a broader range of innovative solutions, enhancing their online presence and helping them achieve their digital goals more efficiently. Welcome to a new chapter of growth and success with Angry Creative!

Key benefits for Awesem Ltd’s clients

With this integration, Awesem Ltd’s clients will now benefit from the extensive expertise and innovative solutions offered by the entire Angry Creative Group.

Digital marketing through Cyntora

Clients can now leverage Cyntora’s cutting-edge digital marketing strategies to amplify their online presence. These tailored strategies boost online visibility, engage target audiences, and drive measurable business growth. With a data-driven approach, Cyntora ensures continuous optimization for maximum efficiency and impactful results.

Hosting through Synotio

Synotio’s hosting solutions ensure that clients’ websites operate smoothly with high security and minimal downtime. This reliable service guarantees that online operations remain uninterrupted, providing a seamless user experience.

Design services and websites from Bishop Media

Bishop Media brings high-quality design services and the creation of impactful websites to the table. Clients can expect professional and effective brand presentations, setting them apart in a competitive market.

Leadership insights: A vision for the future

Jimmy Rosén, CEO of Angry Creative UK, shared his excitement about this new venture: “We are delighted to extend our range of services to Awesem Ltd’s clients. By integrating them into the Angry Creative Group, we can offer a comprehensive suite of digital solutions that cater to all aspects of their online presence. Our commitment to innovation and quality ensures that clients will receive the best possible service across all touchpoints.”

Olaf Spinkel, owner of Awesem Ltd, expressed his enthusiasm about the new opportunities. “Joining the Angry Creative Group opens up new opportunities for our clients. They will now have access to a broader range of services and expertise, including the Qala packaged WordPress solution, and Digital Marketing, allowing them to achieve their digital goals more efficiently and effectively.”

Seamless integration for enhanced services

This integration promises significant improvements in service quality and delivery, reinforcing Angry Creative’s status as a leader in digital solutions. Clients can look forward to:

  • Seamless transitions and improved support.
  • Innovative solutions tailored to their evolving needs.
  • Comprehensive digital solutions that cover every aspect of their online presence.

About Angry Creative

Angry Creative specializes in delivering top-notch digital solutions with a focus on WordPress and WooCommerce development. As both a WordPress VIP expert and a WooCommerce Platinum expert, and creators of Qala, Angry Creative offers scalable and high-value web solutions that cater to diverse industry needs.

Complete digital solutions from our subsidiaries

  • Cyntora: A premier digital marketing agency providing cutting-edge SEO, SEM, and SMM strategies to help businesses grow their online presence and engage with their target audience effectively.
  • Synotio: Synotio offers reliable and secure hosting solutions designed to keep websites running smoothly, ensuring minimal downtime and high security for all clients.
  • Bishop Media: Bishop Media specializes in expert design services and the creation of impactful websites, helping businesses present their brands professionally and effectively.

For further inquiries or additional information, please contact:

Jimmy Rosén (CEO)
Angry Creative
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +4610-762 44 40