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WordCamp Berlin 2019 – A designers view

WordCamp Europe, you never fail to exceed oneself. This will have been my forth WCEU and the team behind this years event in Berlin really excelled themselves. As always the organisers were incredibly generous in their hospitality and learnings on offer.

Aside from all the excellent networking that was laid on. There were also some incredibly valuable sessions to enjoy. Obviously, Matt Mullenweg’s, State of the Word talk is a regular highlight. I found this years talk to be particularly honest and humble. Whilst still keeping all of us invested in the global WordPress tribe. There were too many points to call out so I suggest watching it here.

For me there was one stand out session, and it lasts a mere 10 mins, courtesy of South African designer, Rob Hope.

Based around a beautifully structured and charismatic story. Packing more useful tips in just ten minutes, than I’ve seen in some hour long talks. Robs delivers a hipster baiting narrative, to explain how critical understanding users is in creating killer landing pages. I won’t waffle on, just simply suggest you watch it. It’s only ten minutes and really worth your time.

YouTube video

If you’re really as time-poor as Yanick (the talks protagonist) then here are the landing page takeaways:

• Use intro copy that resonates with the users problems

• Have content that answers users doubts

• Build trust using testimonials

• Create haste and desire

Finally, WCUE really embraced the community’s wellbeing this year. Including a series of activities from Yoga to Mindfulness, to help attendees reconnect with their good juju. The revitalising yoga session run by WordPress developer Helen Odia showed how multiskilled the WordPress community is.

I’m already excited about WCEU in Porto in 2020.