Digital Marketing

Working in tandem with your website, you need digital marketing solutions that are focused on achieving your business goals.

Like most businesses, you will want to drive additional, highly relevant traffic to your website, deliver engaging and pertinent content to those visitors, and then convert them into profitable customers.

We use a number of digital marketing methods to help you achieve those aims and get the most out of digital marketing.

Digital Strategy

The digital marketing process starts with devising a digital strategy for your business. This outlines the key approaches you can take to achieve your digital objectives.

First, we work with you to define those digital objectives. Do you want to drive more visitors to your site? Generate greater engagement with them? Or increase conversion rates and create more sales leads and enquiries?

Once we have set some objectives, then we can set the marketing messaging and devise campaigns and plan activities for you to reach those goals.

Social Media

Should you be on Facebook and LinkedIn? Or maybe Twitter? How about Instagram? And what’s YouTube all about? Of course, the simple answer is that you need to be everywhere that your potential customers are. We can undertake an analysis of your target customers and discover the digital channels that they use.

Building on the strategic direction of your social media, we can manage the accounts for you on a day-to-day basis. We can set up your channels, and manage them, posting new and original content, as well as curating other information and content.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about providing relevant and engaging content. You want to host informative and interesting content on your website that drives visitors to download it.

Based on research and analysis of your customer base, we start by creating and building buyer personas. These rounded pictures of your ideal customers are used to inform campaigns and to write and create content specifically aimed at them. This helps to focus your content for maximum effect.

We can create and optimise landing pages on your website that engage prospects and encourage them to download your content.

We can even write and produce the content for you, whether you want blog posts, white papers, guides or infographics.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

The internet is a busy place, with hundreds of companies competing for your customers’ attention. You want your business to be the one that’s found by them – and then chosen.

One of the best ways to drive prospective customers to your site is to incorporate pay per click (PPC) campaigns. These online adverts can be created and fine-tuned so that they deliver the optimum results.

Managing a Google AdWords or similar PPC campaign is a complex job that demands a high level of expertise.

We have the experience to research keywords for you and proactively and profitably manage your account so that you get the highest click through rates (CTA) and lowest cost per acquisition (CPA).


Once a visitor has left your site, you don’t want to lose them. You want them to come back and make a purchase from you or find out some more information.

Remarketing tactics allow you to continue to reach those that have previously visited your website. They then see your adverts as they browse the web or search for terms related to your products and services.

Remarketing can dramatically increase return on investment, converting visitors you once thought lost.

Email Marketing

To help you to create a dialogue and to engage with your target audience, email marketing is a vital component of any digital marketing strategy.

It allows you to speak directly to customers and prospects, and to deliver timely and relevant information and offers in a very cost-effective way.

The beauty of email marketing is that it is incredibly measurable, so you can run tests on which headline or offer is the best to use, and can analyse open rates and click-throughs as well as bounces and unsubscribes.

It’s a demonstrable method that comes at a fraction of the price of traditional advertising and which can very visibly prove a positive return on investment.

HubSpot Inbound Marketing

HubSpot is an inbound marketing platform that helps drive traffic to your website, convert leads and generate a positive return on investment for your campaigns.

It runs, manages and analyses your content-driven campaigns. This can include landing pages, blog posts, email campaigns and other content such as white papers and downloadable guides.

With HubSpot we can create campaigns with compelling calls to action that convert your visitors into qualified leads.

As a certified HubSpot partner, we have experience of using HubSpot campaigns. We know how they can boost your marketing budget and drive profitable growth from your digital marketing efforts.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

The aim of CRO is to transform your website visitors from mere browsers into actively engaged consumers of your content – and ultimately into buyers.

We use your website analytics to fully understand your customers and visitors. Then, using split testing, we can try out different landing page messages and calls to action. The resulting data informs small changes and tweaks that can bring significant dividends.

With CRO methods, we can optimise your website to increase conversion of visitors that you may have already paid for, via PPC for example. Getting visitors to your site is one thing; encouraging them to engage with your content, leave their contact details, or make a purchase is another. CRO tactics can really improve conversion rates, thus maximising what you’ve already spent on attracting the visitors in the first place.

Google Analytics

One of the most important parts of your digital strategy is measurement. You need to be able to analyse what you’re achieving so that you can refine and enhance. And you need to know what’s working and what’s not so that you can optimise campaigns, messaging and timing.

Google Analytics is one tool that can help with that information. It delivers in-depth marketing analytics that you can use to inform your digital strategy and marketing tactics.

We can set up and manage your Google Analytics account to measure your website and apps. The insights can be turned into actions that can result in enhanced your content, improved engagement and increased conversion.