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What integration solutions do we have?

As Sweden’s largest WooCommerce supplier, we have developed several systems and solutions. Some turnkey, some that require customization. The advantage for you as a customer is that you do not have to bear the entire development cost yourself and can benefit from our experience.

Some of the integration solutions we can help you with




Add which shipping companies you work with, sync orders from WooCommerce to Unifaun, and let customers choose where to pick up their shipment.



Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management

Sync orders, customers, price lists, and put your e-commerce on autopilot. Sage solves the business logic, and in WooCommerce, we focus on increasing your conversion.



With Recotrust, you can quickly fill up your e-commerce with lots of reviews. Good reviews then drive more sales.




Sync your orders to Postpac and let them ensure that the end customer receives the item quickly and easily.




Register WooCommerce sales to Adrecord to measure the effectiveness of the affiliate network.




High demands on security? Create the opportunity for users to log in and authenticate themselves with the help of BankID.




With Adyen’s payment solution, you can be sure that you can charge anywhere in the world.

Integrations usually require you to do a project with us to adapt integrations. All solutions are provided as open-source, but updates and maintenance are only distributed to contract customers.

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Why choose us?

We are known as the best at WordPress and WooCommerce in Sweden simply because we worked with the tools long before any other agency opened their eyes to them, and this has given us knowledge benefits that are difficult to find elsewhere. That is why some of Sweden’s leading brands have given us the confidence to work with them.


Qala, our e-commerce solution

Qala has the most common features we have seen that you need as an e-retailer together with a modern basic design. This means that we get started with your project very quickly and that we can deliver functioning e-commerce at an early stage of the project. Through an agile process, we then adapt and improve so that your e-commerce becomes a good investment.

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