Stylish website for visionary real estate company

Nordblick Gropu is a real estate company that, through its brands, Nordblick Work, Nordblick Homes, and Nordblic Rentals, create real estate that fulfills their clients’ visions and dreams. By utilizing their expertise and awareness, Nordblick focuses on building real estate that stands the test of time. Nordblick needed a website that could present Nordblick Group and the different brands it encompasses, Ideally through realizing the graphic profile and web design created by the bureau Hummingbirds.

What we worked on

Front end utveckling

Web design


Realizing the dream

With simple navigation, big pictures, and a spacious layout, everything from vision to present and finished projects were showcased. The planning for the website’s design was turned into reality through decisions made regarding movement and flow. Static placements of pictures can make a spacious design flat and stale and needs to be incorporated in the right way to make the design come to life.