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Angry Creative are going to WordCamp Europe 2022 in Porto as an event sponsor!

A picture at the harbour in Porto Portugal.

In-person WordCamp Europes are back!

When will we be there?

Last time WordCamp Europe was held physically (Berlin, 2019) it was the biggest WordCamp ever! In 2022 WordCamp Europe is going to Porto, Portugal with the conference planned for 2-4 June. Angry Creative are going to be there – exciting stuff! 

Here’s all you need to know for now. We’ll be there for the whole conference including the contribution day, and we’ll bolt on an extra day for a special Angry Creative pre-conference event because it’s a great chance for us all to get together.

Why are we going?

All the usual reasons – education, meeting our industry peers, meeting prospective team members and clients, being convivial as a team and sharing all the work we’ve been doing. 

But of course we have some new reasons (or at least some re-emphasised ones!). It’ll be a time to re-establish old bonds that COVID has stretched and a chance to get together as a remote business for the first time. Finally, a time to enjoy a break from the routine. WordCamps are a great part of the global WP community and it’s been too long since we felt that awesome power of being surrounded by a community of like minds.

Who’s going?

The whole Angry Creative team has been offered the chance to attend in full. We’re still working out who can make it or not, but expect Team Angry to be there in strength!

What will we be doing when we’re there?

First off there’ll be our own Angry Creative event, where we’ll meet a lot of our team in-person for the first time. Our team will be travelling from across Europe and Africa to join. The only way you can get a place is to join our team!

We’ll be attending the whole conference so you’ll see us wandering about, networking and meeting community people, learning and hearing about the future of WordPress, taking part in workshops and meeting suppliers and WordPress companies to learn about new products and services.

The whole Angry team will be on the lookout for prospective team members and our People Ops team will be happily meeting with people who want to learn more. We’re starting to line up some meetings and side events with clients and prospects too so if you’re going to be there and are looking for an excellent WordPress and WooCommerce partner then let us know!

Several people from Angry are applying to speak, so if we get lucky, you may even see us up on stage or running workshops.

We’ve now confirmed that Angry will also be an event sponsor! So we’ll have a (modest) booth at which you’ll always be able to find either someone from the Angry team or information on how to get hold of us to chat.

Of course, we’ll be at the official party and attend several social activities and planned events.

How can you meet us

If you’d like to find out more about working at or with Angry Creative then we’d love to meet you. The best way is to contact us and let us know what you’re thinking so that we can make definite plans. We are fully remote, and are currently looking for people to join our team.

Otherwise, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to meet the team at our stand, at the main and fringe events or by hitting us up on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn and organising something more last minute.

Fun fact: The last Wordcamp EU the Angry team consisted of two totally separate companies! Since then Pragmatic merged with Angry Creative and we’re now fully rebranded as one of Europe’s largest Wordpress and Woocommerce agencies. 

We’ll be releasing more news about what Angry Creative will contribute as the event approaches, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get our news, straight to your inbox.

Heading to Porto and want to chat about joining the team or partnering? Contact us.